Who Inherits Hugh Hefner’s Millions? Meet the girlfriends, wives & kids that could be named.

Forgive my rudeness, I know we are still in Mourning. But we could not help but wonder what happens to the vast fortune Late Hugh Hefner left behind. Hugh Hefner had girlfriends, wives and kids from different generations.

His playboy empire is worth 43Million dollars.  He also made an extra 100 million dollars in revenue for selling the playboy mansion in 2016

So who inherits his millions?

According to multiple reports, his will has made reservations for his kids, University of California and multiple charities.

No ex- wife or girlfriend was named

So meet the heirs and heiress:

Crystal Harris: current 30 year old wife

She has obviously won a jackpot with him dead right? Wrong. According to multiple sources the prenuptial agreement she signed excluded her from Hef’s will.

In 2011, they were supposed to get married, but when the lawyers got involved with prenup talk, she developed cold feet and cancelled the wedding.

On year later she reappeared on the playboy Magazine as Mrs. Hefner, the Run-away bride.

She came back to Hefner, and he waited with open arms. According to him, he really loved her.

Though she is not named in the will, he bought her a 5 million dollar apartment in Hollywood hills.  a property nobody can contest with her. Am sure there are other perks like diamonds, her beautiful ring, nice cars. Etc.


First Marriage: 1949-1959

He divorced Millie Williams his first wife and child hood sweetheart after being married for only 10years. He was unable to get over the fact she cheated on him before their wedding.  She is not named in his will but  two of her kids David and Christie Hefner are heirs to their Dad’s fortune

 Christie Hefner 64years old: First daughter from first wife

She is the kind of woman you would find in the board room.

She was a practicing journalist and aspiring Lawyer before her father poached her to work for him in the playboy business.

She started from the bottom, doing small projects for various departments before getting promoted to the board of directors.

In the 1980s she got promoted to Chief Operating Officer and helped her dad save the company which was collapsing at that time.

Christie left the playboy Mansion in 2008 to pursue her own passions and seat on the boards of other companies. She also started doing charity work.

David Hefner 62yrs old: 1st son from first wife

David Hefner unlike his sister shyed away from the press. He never gave interviews. He also barely visited the playboy mansion. He is said to run a computer consulting firm in Northern California.

The last Image of him was seen at a private family moment with his dad earlier this year.

Second wife and ex Playmate Kimberly Conrad 1989- 2010

The model was the magazine’s Playmate of the Month in January 1988 and Playmate of the Year in 1989. The marriage generated loads of media attention because he was 40years older. They also split 10 years later. She is not named in his will but her boys Marston and Cooper Hefner are heirs.


Marston Hefner: 2nd son, from second wife

Kimberly Conrad’s son is private but not as reclusive as her step son David

Though he is out there he seems a bit press shy.

Active on twitter but no Facebook on Instagram posts

He is into gaming and writing short stories

In 2012, Marston was arrested on suspicion of attacking his girlfriend, Claire Sinclair, a Playboy Playmate. He was sentenced to one year in a domestic-violence program. The court also ordered him to stay away from Sinclair for three years.

His dad wanted him to run the company alongside his brother but apparently he was not cut out for it.

Cooper Hefner; Last son, Heir to the playboy throne.

Hugh Hefner did not find a heir in his first two sons, but his last son Cooper was really interested in the business

He has got the swag, the social skills and has an opinion of how playboy must proceed into the future.

The 26 year old Cooper oversees all the company’s creative divisions, which includes print and digital content—namely Playboy magazine and events

He is also owns an upstart media company Hop and is a member of the California State Military Reserve.

He clearly states that he is different from his father and he does not plan to wear a pipe and a silk Pajamas.

Cooper regularly seeks counsel from another sibling, half-sister Christie, 64, who ran the company for more than two decades ending in 2009.

He is engaged to Harry Porter star Scarlet Byrne

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