#2019Election catchup – The quotes,  The allegations, the shots fired, high profile endorsements + more

The real reason why Atiku missed the debate

In the absence of President Buhari, he felt that the  rest of the candidates are beneath him- Jokers who don’t stand a chance. He does not “in his mind” want to stoop to their level.

It reinforces the fact that Nigeria is like a commodity passed  among the same old men who has ruled us since 1960.

Did Buhari really collapse at Lokoja rally, lets do a double take.

Obasanjo has alleged that Buhari is trying to rig the elections

He released a statement to the press, according to him, plans have been perfected to rig the 2019 presidential elections. Summarily he said that INEC is compromised, EFCC and the code of conduct tribunal are being used to harass the enemies of the presidents

Well, I think Obasanjo is an insider, there are some people that when they talk, you need to listen

Quotable quotes

The APC and the PDP; one is a kettle, one is a pot, and they call each other black —Moghalu
Fela Durotoye "PDP and APC are two sides of a bad coin

On PDP and APC being absent….

Oby Ezekwesili: I’m not surprised they are not here, they have announced their exit”

Fela Durotoye: It means the future is here, and old things are passed away

Pastor Tunde Bakare has endorsed Oby Ezekwezili for presidency 

Atiku Abubakar shaking tables –  he listed 30 “corrupt” persons working with President Muhammadu Buhari

He named prominent members of the APC like Bola Tinubu, Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari; Adams Oshiomhole,  Abdullahi Adamu… Just to name a few

Sowore  and his take it back movement was excluded from Channels presidential debate

This led his supporters to protest outside the venue of the debate , Sowore is a polarizing figure,  His onslaught against the present administration and all previous leaders of the country has earned him an image of the radical candidate. Channels TV may have decided to cut the drama.

About Atiku’s controversial visit to the United States 

Atiku is wanted in the United States on money laundering charges. so in a desperate bid to create good optics he traveled– ( with Special diplomatic Immunity) 

He posted pictures all over twitter to show he is in America as a free man, BUT…does that change the original story that he committed fraud in America… #not-deceived

Trader Moni- Vote buying or commendable scheme

Former President Obasanjo called it idiotic

Vice president Yemi Osibanjo  “replied ….It is either that the former leader is ignorant of the true workings of Trader Moni and the role of the Vice President in its implementation or perhaps he is on a mischievous mission.”

What do you think- I personally think rigging or not its a good initiative. better than rigging with thugs and guns.




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