Banky W’s main rival Babajide Obanikoro has been unusually silent-  Why everyone should be worried.


Banky W has been  stomping really hard for the upcoming elections…

He has held various town halls giving heart moving speeches.

As much as he can, he is keeping the conversation going on social media

He is going door to door and street to street talking to his constituency

His opponents must be really worried right?…..

Its fair to say that Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro is his main challenger, He is representing the Ruling APC  at Etiosa local government area where Banky W is contesting for a seat at the House of Reps

But  the young Obanikoro does not have an active campaign

He has a few campaign posters here and there but he is barely seen hosting rival town hall meetings or holding radio interviews, He does not even have a functional twitter or Instagram account – he is on Facebook but barely communicates

His silence could mean that rigging plans have been perfected- here are a few reasons why we should be worried

He is the son of a former Minister of State for Defense, Musiliu Obanikoro:

Obanikoro is allegedly known as a very sneaky  Nigerian politician- He has engaged in party hopping, blackmails, back stabbing (He betrayed Tinubu severally and apologized when it suited him)- He was involved in the leaked audio for #Ekitigate . he was quoted as saying – I am not here for tea party, I am here on an assignment from the president

Tinubu may have sealed the Etiosa constituency to Obanikoro’s son- here’s why

Last year, Babajide’s father Musiliu Obanikoro was preparing to battle for Lagos West APC senatorial district from the incumbent Senator Olamilekan Adeola (AKA YAYI).

Tinubu quickly moved to diffuse the issue that would have resulted in tension between the both party members- Musiliu Obanikoro finally folded up his campaign but part of the agreement could have been to give his son Babajide a seat at the house of Reps, that way the Father can be pacified.

It would take a miracle ONLY, for Banky to emerge victorious, the odds are stacked against him, 


He is campaigning against deep pockets that allegedly have a masters degree in rigging. Nigerians are not even being supportive enough either , he has been lambasted and abused for setting up a donation page to fund his campaign.

Miracles still happen though…Let’s wait and see

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