The hot pants on Hillary Clinton: The fashion and political strategy

COLUMBIA, SC - FEBRUARY 23: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participates in a Town Hall meeting hosted by CNN and moderated by Chris Cuomo at the University of South Carolina on February 23, 2016 in Columbia, South Carolina. Democratic voters will go to the polls to select their choice for the Democratic presidential nominee on Saturday February 27. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)



Hillary Clinton style has always been minimal:  never flashy, just appropriate and over the years it has changed a lot.There was the head bands, the frumpy skirt suits, the matronly styles when she was first lady, and yep she loved her some bright colors, especially the blues.


As a senator from New York and secretary of state she moved into women in politics Uniform: hillary as secetary of stateThe pant suit. She was aiming to remove the personal from the equation and pant suits exude more about substance than style. She wore them in subdued colors like navy, forest green and of course the signature pearls. But sometimes she simply embraced her inner bitch:  fierce with black suit, black shades and a Blackberry”.


hillary-clintonFast forward to a presidential aspirant, she needed clothes that would put her in charge, make her warm, likable and give her that hard-to-pin-down aura of leadership and power.

Today, she continues to wear pantsuits, but she has chosen patriotic colors like American Flag red, blue and Cobalt. She introduced herself on twitter as a “Pantsuit aficionado”

On the night of her acceptance speech…

She stunned in an all-white pant suit. Some say she chose white because hbz-hillary-clinton-accepts nominationthe earliest feminist group called suffragettes wore white to symbolize femininity, purity and high morals.

Others say it was to depict Unity: White is the binding background color on the American flag. By showing up in white, Clinton was calling for a sense of unity and maybe even peace.

some  said she simply needed to exude authority: Mrs. Clinton looked supremely unflappable perfectly tailored and in control. Not a hair out of place. The kind of person who could carry the nuclear codes with aplomb. Her all white outfit allowed her speech and spirit to take center stage.

Whatever the strategy, we can all agree that Hillary Clinton’s fashion on the campaign trail is blazing hot!

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