Taormina Italy: Visit this breathtaking paradise that hosted the 2017 G7 Summit

There are some really amazing places God has created. But when we Nigerians want to take a vacation we are fixated on the obvious places: US, UK and sometimes France.

This year top world leaders gathered for the 2017 G7 Summit at a hilltop paradise east coast of Italy called Taormina.

It is located in a position of astonishing beauty along a mountainous slope overlooking the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. It has a medieval layout with ancient ruins that feel like a palace in the game of thrones.

Its crystal-clear sea waters, stunning views, landscapes, mild climate and white sandy beaches make Taormina a small heaven and choice destination for tourists.

Right now the city is on the spotlight as host to seven world leaders and their wives. more than 10,000 security personnel, hundreds of security camera(s) and bomb sniffing dogs have been deployed to protect these world powers in Taormina.


As the summit kicks off, its politics as usual but also a vacation in disguise because the world leaders would experience the unrecorded wonders of Taormina.

The ancient amphitheater:

One of the biggest destinations for sight-seers and a UNESCO world heritage site.  It has a very natural setting, splendid view of the Ionian coast and the spectacular cone of Mount Etna

Built in the third century BC, the theatre is remarkably well preserved and is still used today for opera and musical performances.

It also served as the venue for the opening ceremony of the G7 summit.

Isola Bella

Also known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. The Isola Bella is without doubt Taormina’s most beautiful beach. It is a pebble beach, set at the foot of the town and clothed in lush vegetation.

The islet is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of beach which is covered by water at high tide.

Unfortunately, secret service would not let the presidential team to go sunbathing in the island for security reasons, but am sure they would catch a glimpse of the island form their hotel suites.


Mount Edna

It’s Europe’s highest and most active volcano but poses no threat to settlements nearby including Taormina. Infact when the volcano is not blowing hot and spewing larva it’s a tourist destination for bikers and hikers.

Some natives claim an angry goddess (Aitna, or Aetna, was the Greek goddess of the volcano)

The peak of Mount Etna is simply stunning.  It’s easy to understand why the volcano site is one of Sicily’s most popular tourist destinations.

With a jet ride the wives of the G7 leaders can cruise to Mount Edna to catch a glimpse of the beautiful peak.

Alcantara Gorge

It’s a simply beautiful cove, it was formed by water running through the slopes of mount Edna.

If the visiting presidents or anyone from their team must visit, they must complete their terms and come back and private citizens. (LOL)


 So Taormina anyone? ( am assuming you are pretty loaded to have read this far.

So if you have money to spend on a vacation, try something different, it’s an over 20hour flight from east, west and South of Africa with two stops.

The first stop is to North Africa, almost bordering Europe. The second stop is Rome before landing at Catania–Fontanarossa Airport Sicily and jumping on a bus to Taormina.

This would set you back approximately 500,000 Naira or over 6,000 Rands if you are in South Africa

So vacation like a world leader.

The sands and pebbles of Taormina awaits…



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