Tagbo’s death; 10 questions for Davido

Story Recap:

It probably all happened so fast, Davido is still trying to grasp the entire situation.

Friends partying like crazy, things get a little out of hand, then booze, drunkenness and death…. Then a major cover-up.
According to reports Davido was out partying with friends and one of them named Tagbo died in mysterious circumstances. Caroline Danjuma who was dating Tagbo called out Davido to say what he knows about her lovers mysterious death.

As the saga continues we have 10 questions for Davido

  1. If Tagbo had followed Caroline Danjuma to mountain of fire night vigil on the eve of his birthday would the prayers have kept him alive? According to Caroline Danjuma who was the deceased girlfriend she had invited Tagbo to join her for MFM prayers on his birthday eve but he did not show up.
  2. How would you have fun, hang out and drink in future? Would Tagbo’s death be a constant reminder anytime you sit in a bar. According to multiple sources, Davido instigated a drinking contest with a prize of 200,000 and the new iPhone 8. This inspired Tagbo to drink to a stupor.
  3. Who instigated the leak of the fake Autopsy reports? There were fake autopsy reports that claimed Tagbo drank himself to death. But multiple sources has confirmed it’s a fake report.
  4. If the Autopsy report circulating is fake, then what would the real one say? According to reports, after they left Shinsha bar in Davido’s car they went for a party at Oniru beach and left him in the car.
  5. Would he have survived if he was taken straight home could the heat from the car have aggravated issues with his drunken state?
  6. Who advised Davido’s crew to drop Tagbo’s body in the hospital and run off? If he was innocent why did he not make a statement at the hospital stating what he knows?
  7. Has Davido contacted his Lawyer, was he told it could be a case of manslaughter.
  8. Was running off to South Africa a way to pretend to be busy and allow the situation to blow off and die down?
  9. Dear Davido, have you truly moved on or is the performances and cool, calm appearance a facade
  10. What does daddy has to say about all of this? Is he somewhere at the background spraying money to make it all go away?


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