Smartphones can now analyze sperm count.

What a woman can do (pregnancy test kit) a man can do better (sperm fertility test kit)

Men can now test their sperm motility and concentration at home without professional assistance, all they need is their smart phones!

This innovation was developed by Scientist at Harvard Medical School, Brigham, and women’s hospital. It gives up to 98% accuracy.

How the test works

A disposable plastic kit bottle is used to collect the Man’s sperm.

The sperm is poured from the bottle Kit into a chip containing lenses and an LED light to illuminate and magnify the sample.

This chip containing sperm is in turn inserted into a phone

Once inside the phone, an Android-based app records one-second-long videos and uses video frames to track sperm. It can deliver results in less than five seconds with over 98 percent accuracy.

The team now plans to conduct further tests and file for FDA approval of the technology which they believe would happen quickly given the simplicity of the device.

The technology does not require any training to use. for more details read here . Smartphone-based methods to measure the amount of sperm and its motility could, in the future, lower the cost and stigma associated with testing male fertility

 There are other do it yourself technologies for sperm count.

SwimCount from Denmark is a home-testing kit that measures your sperm quality in 30 minutes. It is fast, easy and discreet. SwimCount works by measuring the sperm cells’ ability to swim.

SpermCheck Fertility is another  simple, FDA-approved male fertility product that provides quick and reliable sperm count results. Spermcheck Fertility kit can be used in the privacy of your own home and quickly informs men whether their sperm count is normal or low.

Spermcheck is available in US, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Macau and France.
Our smart phones has added another feather to its cap; Male fertility

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