Nigerians are Donkeys: 5 ways our leaders rode us this week

Impunity is defined by oxford dictionary as exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action. In simple English, you can do whatever you want and nothing would happen.

Guys, that is the state of Nigerian politics right now, our politicians rides us like donkeys and throw a few breadcrumbs along the way #stomachinfastructure.

Some of them claim to be busy, dig up all the major roads, mount cements blocks and claim to be busy #wikeisworking.

Want to know more …read on.

Yahaya Bello, Kogi state Governor owing 11months salary just finished building his new house. He celebrated with a house warming party

He built a new house which has been described as a thing of beauty. Dignitaries including Abdul Rahman Ado Ibrahim, Ohinoyi of Ebira land, joined the governor during the house-warming ceremony.

Congratulations sir, but it’s rather insensitive to have a house warming party when surrounded by extreme poverty you created through nonpayment of salaries

This is the same state where Mr. Edward Soje a director in civil service killed himself by hanging to a tree after nonpayment of salaries for over 11months. (The Kogi state government has corrected that to 8months, so I guess that makes it better)

The Governor claimed that the delay in the payment of workers’ salaries was due to the huge debt he inherited from the immediate past administration.

The 54-year-old civil servant decided to take his life barely 10 days after his wife of 17 years gave birth to a set of male triplets in a private hospital in Abuja.

He left a suicide note for his wife who also works in one of the federal ministries.

“Psalm 121:3 God will not suffer your foot to be moved: He that keepeth you will not slumber. Amen. You and the three boys, the God Almighty will keep you and prosper you, amen. I love you,” according to the suicide note.

Confirming the incident, the state police command Public Relations Officer, ASP William Aya said that the dangling body of Soje was found on a tree behind the barracks at about 5:55 p.m. on Oct. 16.

In the same state, 3 labor leaders were assassinated and state Asuu union was dissolved.

The president ignores #EndSars campaign and proceeds on a two day working visit to Kano, sending us pictures

Last week in Lagos state, the police Special Anti-robbery Squad SARS shot and injured an unarmed innocent man. This sparked off a social media campaign calling for an end to SARS with the hashtag #ENDSARS.

Nigerians on social media recounted their bitter experience in the hands of these police forces, like rape, extortion and death threats. Summarily they are as dangerous as the robbers they were supposed to safe guard us agains

After almost 5 days of campaigning, there was no official statement from the presidency, their spokesperson or the president himself.

Rather he played deaf, announced a two day trip to Kano, and sent us a pictures enjoying the country side in his Daura farm.

Atiku decamping to PDP

In the United States a democrat is a democrat and a republican is a republican, parties are selected based on principles and a belief system. Democrats (pro-choice) Republicans (pro-life). Democrats are Liberal ( LBQT rights) republicans are Christians, ( man and woman).Summarily, its a politics of belief systems on issues like  taxation, LGBTQ rights, immigration etc.

Atiku decamped from PDP to APC, when it seemed like PDP was a sinking ship, now he is back again to PDP. Its politics of convenience and personal ambitions.According to him, the problems that caused him to leave PDP has been resolved.

At least he should have given us the dignity to come up with a better story, we are not 5 year olds .

The PRO of police sat down on national TV and claimed to be investigating the conveyor of #EndSars.

We deserved a remorseful police management outraged by the conduct of the SARS team. We deserve a promise to investigate, get to the bottom of the issue and apprehend those found wanting.

There should have been efforts to contact twitter users who alleged they were extorted and attacked.  Rather the police image man Jimoh Moshood went to channels TV to  claim that the issue was political and the conveyors of the campaign was being investigated. See video below.

Governor Wike of Rivers state gives 2018 SUV Vehicles to Federal law makers

So a bribe was given out to Federal law makers, and the press was called to witness the occasion… let that sink in

18 Federal lawmakers including members of the APC: Senator Magnus Abe and Senator Andrew Uchendu are also beneficiaries of the 2018 Lexus Jeep.


A statement from Government House, Port Harcourt says, the vehicles were acquired to aid the Federal lawmakers in the discharge of their official functions.”

He said the car would enable them to carry out their executive duties.

The same lawmakers that allegedly spent 4.7billion in total  to acquire luxury cars in 2015 and 17million per lawmaker in 2017.


How far can you ride a donkey?  Just asking.

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