Mac Donald’s now want to lock up your phone before you sit down to eat.

And why not? Our heads are always buried in our smart phones, we don’t really connect so much.

MacDonald’s management overtime realized that parents and couples eat while checking emails and social networks on their smartphones.

They have decided enough is enough

To combat this modern addiction, the fast food chain has recently introduced mobile phone lockers in one of its branches in Singapore, encouraging diners to take a break from the virtual world and have real conversations over meals.

Named the “Phone off. Fun On.” campaign, the first 100 transparent lockers are installed in the McDonald’s Marine Cove outlet.

Linda Ming, director of McDonald’s Singapore’s brand communications and customer care, told CNN “This ‘Phone Off, Fun On’ initiative is part of our efforts to advocate family togetherness and encourage families to spend quality time together

McDonald’s said it was gathering feedback at the Marine Cove branch before deciding whether to expand the service to other outlets. The phones are stashed away in lockers which holds 100 phones in individual units. Customers are allowed to keep their locker keys to retrieve their phones when leaving.

I wonder if someone with iPhone x would drop it in there, some people would just use their eyes and take it.

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