London terror attack: love prevails over fear




Londoners did not run and hide to protect themselves after the london bridge terror attack. they ran into the chaos to offer CPR, help wounded victims and assist emergency services


Attack summary:

Six people have been killed and three suspects shot dead by police after terror at London Bridge and borough market.

Just after 10 p.m. local time (5 p.m. ET), a Speeding van rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge and ended with multiple stabbings at restaurants nearby.

The van drove onto Borough Market where three men jumped out and attempted to stab a number of people. Police confronted and shot three suspects within eight minutes of the first call, they said.

Suspects wore hoarse explosive vests, says police

London Ambulance service says 48 patients taken to 5 hospitals

London Bridge and London Bridge railway station remain closed

A stabbing in nearby Vauxhall was not connected to terror attack, says police.

Police has opened casualty telephone line as Facebook as activated its safety check


Londoners open their doors #Sofaforlondon

The usual reaction would be to lock up the doors and stay safe, some terrorist could be on the loose, it’s the natural thing to do

But Londoners choose to throw themselves into the chaos and help, assisting the wounded, calling emergency services.

They have opened up their doors to assist people with a bed, a coffee, a tea and a chat.

As details of the attack begin to emerge, #SofaForLondon started trending on Twitter and Facebook.


Some are offering accommodation to those stranded in the city,

Mini cabs and Ubers are giving people free taxi rides to their homes and hotels.


The Royal Oak Pub in Southward opened its doors to people evacuated

From hotels inside the area cordoned off by police.































In London’s darkest moment, some Londoners have offered a ray of light.



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