Kylie Jenner at 19: From reality TV to Millionaire Business Woman & Real Estate Mogul

Most people (haters) say they are famous for nothing…

But their show KUWTK in its 13th season.

Their business empires are expanding wildly: clothing lines, video games, cosmetics, beauty products, perfumery and even bestselling books. and of course they have taken over social media with their apps, blogs and millions of followers.

With their combined earnings last year pegged at over $500 million, the world is reluctantly respecting them as smart and savvy business women. But it’s not “Kim K” that everyone is gushing about,  Her nineteen year old half-sister Kylie Jenner is the one to watch.

 A new queen on the Kardashian throne

A natural born business woman worth millions of dollars, this 19 year old is the second richest Kardashian-Jenner after Kim.   She is a cosmetic CEO, Real Estate Mogul, Social Media queen and more.

She is different from her sisters. Her style is edgy, Gothic, kind of punk yet really chic. Even Kim the family fashionista and the rest of her sisters sometimes looks up to her for fashion advice.

Welcome to Kylie Jenner’s empire

Kylie Lip-kit:

In 2015, she was involved in a huge media scandal over her lips. She used lip fillers then denied it when the rumors hit the media waves. Finally she admitted to it claiming it was an insecurity of hers.

She was mocked and ridiculed endlessly as “Kylie lip challenge” hit the internet.

Her response? she launched a range of lipsticks called  Kylie lip kits. When the Lipsticks were launched online for $29 they sold out in 30 seconds and reappeared on eBay much later for cool 130 Dollars. subsequently through the years, the minimum sell out time after the Lip-kits are restocked is 10 minutes

Money Nation has estimated that her merchandise has brought in over £16 million, which she would get a sizable cut from.


From Kylie Lip kits to Kylie cosmetics

The success of her lip-kits led her to expand her range into other cosmetic products: Ky shadows, Ky glosses, Ky blushers, etc. she now sits as the CEO to a beauty empire worth millions of dollars.


The reigning queen of social media;

In 24th July 2015 she found out she is the most followed person on Snap Chat.

Today she is top 7 on Instagram worldwide trailing Beyoncé, Kim and Selena Gomez with her 93 million followers.
That means she gets to pick and choose the brands she would endorse.
Kylie earns at the very minimum 500,000 dollars per post for product endorsements.
She recently also signed a one million dollar deal to be Puma brand ambassador.

Shop Kylie Merchandize: T.shirts. phone cases, & more 

Kylie’s online store is regularly stocked with the coolest Merch-  this includes lip kit phone packs, T.shirts with her famous quotes and various branded items capitalizing on her family fame- (10% Momager, I am the Kylie, you are the Kendall)

She occasionally floats a pop up retail store for her Lip-kits and other retail items


Kylie’s Real Estate deals


At just 17 years old in 2015 she bought herself a cool $2.6 million starter home.  five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a walk in closet, a movie room, a ‘glam room, a pool and spa, by 2016  she put the house back on the market for $3.9 million.

She snagged another Hidden Hills, property :  4 bedroom, 4 bath home for  $4.5 . She touched up the house and put it back in the market for  $5.4 million

She bought and renovated another $6 million dollar home in Hidden Hills, an exclusive neighborhood in LA  6 bedrooms, 7 baths over 7,000 square feet.  In 2016, she paid  $12 million for the home she currently lives in

Other business endeavors 

Video game app: She teamed up with her sister Kendall to launch a video game Kendall & Kylie.  The mobile game hit number one overall in the US app store and was there for a couple of days.

The game has reportedly raked in 3.5 million dollars in revenues worldwide on the IOS version

Clothing lines: 

In 2012 Kylie and  Kendall collaborated with clothing giants Topshop & Pac-sun to create youthful and fun apparels. Kylie was just 14 and Kendall 16.

Then in 2015 they launched their own contemporary fashion line and shoe collection tagged the Kendall + Kylie collection and went on a media circuit to model their fashion line.

In 2016  Kylie started her own line called Thick. This line represented kylie’s edgy and street style with clothings like hoodies, cool T- shirts etc.
Kylie Jenner hair extensions:

In 2014, 16 year old Kylie Jenner experimented with various hair colors: pink, green, purple and blue. It suited her so well, her social media followers loved it.  She capitalized on this to launch Kylie hair extensions partnering with industry giants Bellami hair.  Her hair line was largely successful

Kylie’s app 

The Kardashian sisters all started an app. The apps are effectively web TV channels for each sister, featuring videos, diaries, and a variety of lifestyle content. Apptopia estimates that more than 1.5 million people downloaded Kylie’s app in the first five days. Kylie’s app has thus outranked all the rest that pulled in less than 500,000 within the same number of days

And an analysis shared with CNNMoney by Apptopia shows that Kylie’s app could make $15 million in its first year

Finally, she also had her only reality show- the life of Kylie (reality TV), Magazine covers, TV commercials and even a nail polish line with cosmetic giant Sinful colors.

Gentle reminder Kylie is still 19 years old.

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