We are just a few months to iPhone 8 September launch but leaks and rumors have already finished designing the phone and distributed them into the stores. (LOL)

Of course we know nothing is confirmed until Tim cook holds that phone for a demo in his hands, but these are the most possible scenario(s) from very reliable sources like  Mac Rumors  onleaks and Ming-chi Kuo


    A Radical new design; edge to edge + all glass

 The new iPhone 8 is rumored to be an all glass screen, a marked departure from the metal-backed Iphone 7.  According to reliable source Onleaks, it is  layered with a 2.5D glass on the front and back and finished a stainless steel mid-frame sandwiched between them.

The top and bottom bevels of the iPhone would be taken away that means there is no home button nor touch ID fingerprint recognition. the result is an edge-to-edge 5.8 inch OLED display that would  give images and videos a major dramatic effect. virtual buttons would also be embedded inside the OLED screens.
Now without home buttons or fingerprint recognition, how do iPhone lovers gain access to their     device?..


  Facial recognition

  The iPhone 8 might forgo a fingerprint sensor and home button in favor of a 3-D scanner which could carry out biometric facial scanning. This could be used to unlock the phone as well as authenticate a user for the App Store or Apple Pay.






  IPhone 8 camera: 3D selfies and augmented reality

Apple might be gearing up to introduce a ‘revolutionary’ front camera that has the capacity to register 3D space and enable facial recognition.

The new components will allow combining depth information with 2D images from the front camera for applications such as face and iris recognition as well as 3D selfies.

The bleeding-edge camera tech will be especially useful for rendering a user’s face inside innovative games and apps. The 3D-enabled front-facing setup will also make it possible to use the iPhone to generate 3D selfies in augmented reality.




There are other great features that may not quite grab the headlines but equally useful….


Battery life / faster charging:

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to introduce a stacked logic board design to support bigger batteries and longer battery life.

all three iPhones rumored to be launched in 2017 will retain Lightning connectors with the addition of USB-C Power Delivery for faster charging,

Three new phones coming in sept:

Upgraded versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s with better specs and upgrades. A brand new phone iPhone 8 with giant screens and radical design changes.


Shake, tap, and wake

Dickson explains that while Apple is finally catching up to Android rivals by adding the  Tap, shake Wake, it will only feature on the so-called ‘iPhone 8’ which will feature a brand new design rather than the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus which will mimic Apple designs since the iPhone 6 and launch alongside it.


I wonder if apple is indirectly responsible for these leaks. building anticipation maybe?

However the rumors started, we the media are talking and of course If you are part of the apple cult, it’s time to start saving.



Photo Credits: techinsider

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