Immortality! dogs are being cloned

All you need is about 100,000 dollars.

The place:  Sooam Biotech Research Foundation,  the world’s leader in commercial dog cloning. They are  also making radical advances in genetics.  The insights gained in genetically engineering dogs could unlock advances in human medicine, resurrect extinct species, and more.

Sooam says it can clone any dog, regardless of age, size, or breed. The cloning is done with live cells obtained from a living dog or five days after its death. The cells are verified for four weeks to find out if they are cloanble.   They also find a surrogate mother dog who donates an egg… the science magic continues.

For more details  click to view sooam website.  Some hot stuff, are humans next?

Photo credit / SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation                                         Original story : Business-insider

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