Hot person Roundup: 26year old millionaire of snapchat

Snapchat, The newest video sharing app is the latest trend in social sharing. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for three billion dollars in 2012  but Snapchat CEO declined . Today they receive 130 million users daily and is worth over twenty million dollars .

Evan Spigel  the 26 year old founder and CEO is a true show man , He owns a helicopter and  drives a Ferrari but it was not always this rosy. Before Snapchat Evan spigel was a rich kid born to two extra popular lawyers . He had  previously created two failed apps: Picaboo and Future Freshman. both were a failure, no one used it not even his brother.

Finally, he teamed up with two campus fraternity brothers : Bobby Morphy and Reggie brown and Snapchat was born . Six months after snap-chat was created, no body used it, finally it started to pick up. it grew so fast  he dropped out of his product design course in college to manage it.

As usual an ownership rights ensued between the three co-founders which ended in out of court settlements

As a boss and a millionaire its rumored that Evan Spigel is difficult to work with . Everything goes through him and he has the final say   within the office, information is passed around on a need to know basis.

Now thats Evan Spiegel hot person roundup.for more on this please view recode 



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