Hot Fashion Alert! Hi tech shoe shopping. Design & customize online before you buy

Is it possible to have that perfect pair of shoe you pictured in your mind without comprising on anything? Because when it comes to shoe shopping something always goes wrong.  Color, too tight, heels are too high or too low, wrong accessories, etc.

At the end of the day  most shoe shoppers   settle for the closest alternative.

Well not anymore, In case you have not heard, major designers now give shoppers an option to design or customize their shoes online. Vans, Prada, Adidas, and startups like feetz, purple hide.

But these three shoe personification companies are the coolest i have seen;


Shoes of prey;

SOP_DJs_jodie_LRJodie Fox an Australian Lawyer, advertiser and shoe lover had a big problem she loved shoes but never seems to find exactly what she was looking for. The color, embellishments or heel size never seem perfect

As a solution, she found her personal shoe maker. She concepted  great designs and he made them. As a result, she had the most fabulous pairs of shoes.

Upon request she started making for her friends, more friends, something was brewing…

In another part of the world, two Google executives were excited about the great prospects in online retail, they wanted to do something online but they needed an idea.

They met with Shoe lover Jodie fox, a partnership was brokered and shoes of prey was born.

Shoes of prey is an online store that enabled customers to customize an exsisting pair of shoe to their taste and perfect Fit before purchase.

Today they are a million dollar company that distribute shoes all around the world.


Alive shoes:

company-35eec37f5e985be97304b4c78725c2a7Imagine a simple shoe maker upgrading his craft.  He brings in partners and investors and coins a catchy  name “Alive shoes”

This shoe maker also registers his trade online, so customers all over the world UK, US, Netherlands can reach him.

Now he is not just a shoe maker, he is a successful business startup in shoemaking and his name is Luca Botticelli.

Alive shoes make their designs from scratch. They take  orders from fashion design companies, corporate teams, special events ,community projects, and startup shoe designers.

They also custom make Logo and packaging for their clients.

Alive Shoe CEO & partners grew up in the oldest shoe-making family from a region in Italy called Le Marche also known as “The Shoe Valley”

Major brands including Prada and Tod’s design and manufacture shoes in the shoe valley


Left Shoe Company:

The-Left-Shoe-Company-Retail-Store-on-MelroseDesigns for the Alpha male. Shoes are custom made with personalised signature but first you must visit their store and measure your feet with a 3D scanner for precision.

After the foot scan, customers choose their color, material and sole.It’s really classy and smells very expensive.


well, There so many shoe customisers  and makers online ready to make your perfect shoes.

so click on the link and start customising some hot stuff.

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