Flying Robots are now the new mail man: welcome to the age of drone delivery

There is a new delivery man in town;

They are called drones.  Simply put  “flying robots” can now deliver everything from simple mails, to flowers, books, retail items and  even fast foods.  Another important aspect of these drones would be its ability to reach victims of natural disasters and remote areas  with food aid, medical supplies and other emergency needs.

960-walmart-stores-inc-likely-to-test-delivery-dronesMajor Retail giants and technology companies have been working on prototypes for drone delivery. Walmart, Amazon, Google, DHL but the first major break through came from a small start up company in Australia called Flirtey.

Flirtey Drones: small player big industry: 

Flirtey, a small startup is the first independent drone delivery service in the world.

Their drones are  six-engine multi computers that  flies along a predetermined path established through GPS. When it reaches its target destination, it lowers its package.

According to Flirty CEO Matthew Sweeney, the packages are 5.5 pounds or less, and that the drone is designed to carry payloads that size up to 10 miles away, and they fly without running into electric poles and power lines.


Flirtey Drones: Pizza, medical aids, books & more delivery milestones.


Recently in 2016; Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand  announced a partnership with Flirtey drones and three months later a  new Zealand couple had become the first people in the world to have a pizza delivered by a drone.

Domino’s flew the Peri-Peri Chicken  and Cranberry pizzas to the backyard of Emma and Johnny Norman’s home in Whangaparaoa, about 20 miles north of Auckland. it was  a flight of less than 5 minutes. 104111624-dominos_customers_emma_and_johnny_norman-530x298

Flirtey, which also has a based in the United states has also supplied medical aid to Wise County, Virginia showing the potential for using drones to deliver emergency medicine to remote areas.

In Hawthorne, Nevada, the company successfully delivered a package that included bottled water, emergency food and a first aid kit by drone.


Flirtey  also delivered books teaming up with  text book rental service zookal to use drones to deliver study materials as far back as 2013 when they were just getting started.dezeen_flying-drones-to-deliver-text-books_3


Meet the 27 year old CEO:

He is an Australian called Matthew Sweeny.  according to him, the vision was “to create a future where flying delivery robots save lives and change lifestyles”.

Because they are just a startup, they have enjoyed all  forms of government assistance, such as participation in an accelerator program called Start mate and a free office space at the Australian Technology Park, an innovation hub in inner-city Sydney.

How he expects to take on major competitors like Google and Amazon; his response is simple  “it’s that the nimble start-up that usually beats the established player. Google itself overtook Alta Vista, just like Facebook wiped out MySpace and Amazon triumphed over the bookstores.( am inspired)

These brand new delivery men called drones would have to deal with regulations and clearance in markets like the UK, US & parts of Europe.

But we are damn sure that very soon we would be looking up at the sky awaiting our pizza delivery, champagne or groceries even right here in Africa. HOT-STUFF!

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