Emmanuel Macron France’s 39year old presidential favorite: His good; His bad & ugly side

Emmanuel Macron, France’s presidential front runner is like a political UFO taking the world by storm.  He came from nowhere.  He has never stood for an election – locally, nationally, internationally – let alone actually been elected. And on his first attempt, he is about to be president.

There are many layers to this man, let’s check out what’s good, bad and kind of ugly about him

                                                  WHAT’S GOOD

A faithful lover:

At 15 he fell in love with his 39year old stage and drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux. She was married with three kids.  Brigitte also found herself in awe of his “exceptional intelligence, a way of thinking she that I had never ever seen before”.

According to her he wasn’t like the other students, “He wasn’t a teenager. He had a relationship of equals with other adults.

Macron courted his teacher and with time and patience, he broke down her defenses, he was 16 and she was 40.  It was a major scandal in their small town of Amiens.

His parents were mad about it. They tried to introduce him to other young girls his age, but he was not interested. Finally they sent him away to Paris and warned Bridgette to stay away from their son, he left vowing to come back and marry is older lover.

Today he is 39 and she is 64 and they are happily married.  He is about to be president and though old and a bit frail she is right there by his side as his wife.

Exceptionally brilliant;

Bridgette recalls that in the school “all the teachers were buzzing about Emmanuel intelligence”. Her own daughter, Laurence, a classmate of Macron’s, also spoke of him as “that amazing guy” who “knows everything about everything.

Emmanuel Macron trail blazed through France most elite schools with honors. He was so brilliant that he kept getting spotted and elevated  from civil service to Rothschild & cie bank.  Finally a special recommendation got him to serve President Francois hollande on economic matters.


He allegedly wanted to make fast money to be free to do politics later. He decided to go for corporate banking. Macron joined the Rothschild & Cie bank. His main goal was certain:  big operations

He stunned colleagues and rivals by winning a role in Nestlé’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations Pfizer sells a company for 9 billion euros to nestle. Macron pockets 9 million euros.

He earned the nickname financial Mozart, in 4 years at the bank he had moved from analyst to banking partner

While at the bank, he came highly recommended the French aspiring president Francois hollande. He helped him to draw up an economic plan while he was campaigning for the presidency.

When Francois Hollande won the presidency, Emmanuel Macron was appointed chief of staff and secretary general advising on economic matters

Burning Ambition:

He did not settle, he conquered a territory he searched for the next big thing. After two years of serving in Holland’s shadows, advocating things that had little impact, he met the president and told him that he wanted a cabinet job.

But the Francoise hollande pointed out he had never been elected and had limited experience, he needed more time. Macron quit and went back to the private sector .Two months later he got a call from the president, he had been offered the ministerial job.

Fast forward two years later Emmanuel macron side stepped the socialist party he was serving and formed his own political movement En Marche! Meaning forward. He called it a movement for all. It’s not left nor is right any one from any party welcome.

Starting a movement from scratch, as an unknown candidate, without any experience of how to campaign for a municipal election let alone for the presidency, is a fairly unconventional move in French politics.


                                                         WHAT’S BAD

 Biting the hand that fed him:

President Francois Hollande made Emmanuel Macron. He was an unknown at Rothschild bank.

While in Rothschild bank he with president Hollande for his economic  programme during his

campaign, and Hollande gave him the second most important post in the Elysée – deputy secretary general – then at 37 made him economy minister despite the fact he had never held elected office.

Today Emmanuel Macron drops the president at a moment where he is weak. Macron served in a socialist government, but he is standing for presidency as an independent. Hollande said of his protege “he needs to be in the team, under my authority.” But Emmanuel Macron replied that he is not his yes man


His love story with Bridgette is touted by the press as romantic. But it also speaks volumes to the character of the man willing to break up a home to get what he wants.

His wife Bridgette ex-husband was shattered by the divorce. He became a man that did not want to be seen.


                                                WHAT’S UGLY

 A Non-conformist

He had a very unconventional but effective way of getting the right things done. As economic minister, he came up with a solutions to shake up an economy drowning in rules and regulations as well as boost growth.

The most controversial suggestion being an Increase the 35-hour-week working limit, and a reduction in unemployment benefits. In summary workers should work more, and if u can’t work then you can’t get paid.

He had major confrontations and standoffs with Professional politicians whom he believed were stuck in their old ways to the extent that within the party he was serving he became a Pariah.

As economic Minister he also had major disagreements with Angela Merkel over her handling of the greek debt crisis.


Double faced!

It’s not always easy to separate the storytelling from the substance when it comes to Emmanuel Macron. An investment banker who launches a grassroots movement

A product of the establishment who runs as an anti-system candidate; a private man who seems open to everyone, but needs no one.

Emmanuel Macron would face far right candidate Marie-le pen in the second round of French presidential elections. Though polling suggests Macron is the favorite to win that can only be confirmed during after French people vote on May 7th.

But win or loose, Emmanuel Macron has established himself on the world stage at 39. that’s Hot!


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