Hijab-istas : Meet some super cool Muslim women rocking their Hijabs with style!

In an era where there is a rise in Islamophobia , a  new breed of female Muslims have emerged.  They are influenced by high fashion and pop-culture but still faithful in their believe of modesty and head covering.

Famously called the  “HIJAB-ISTAS” they are giving the simple black hijab the biggest makeover ever with their bold colors, high fashion and confidence.

Meet some of the popular Hijab queens making waves across the world.


Summer Albarcha is a household names for Hijab fashion on Instagram . she has captivated an international audience with her blog (Fashion Hijabis) where she shares outfits of the day influenced by her love for layering.

Her inspiration is drawn from attending fashion weeks worldwide, and while she may not participate in every trend, she loves that it expands her creativity in staying true to her signature look.

At the age of eighteen, she was invited to Dubai to speak at Fashion Forward to address the lack of modest fashion trends in the USA. Soon.

Today summer’s Instagram holds over 325,000 followers from around the globe.  Her Instagram is acknowledged by international press, including Marie Claire, AP Press, and Look Magazine. Summer Albarcha was born and raised in the United States, with family origins from Syria.



She is a Hijabi beauty Vlogger with a YouTube channel Babylailov 

This Moroccan Muslim beauty is a guru with all things beauty and style. In her blog, she gives tutorials on ways to wear  the hijab, makeup secrets and tips to flawless skin.

Her YouTube channel has earned a total of thirteen million views and over two hundred thousand subscribers.

She was signed to be one of cover-girl’s Ambassadors making her the first Muslim woman to wear a Hijab in a national beauty campaign.nura-afia-lash-equality-campaign











750xauto-anniesa-hasibuan-the-first-indonesian-designer-to-be-in-2016-nyfw-160831kShe is the First Muslim designer to showcase her designs at the prestigious New York fashion week with every look fitted in hijab(s).  She is also the first Indonesian designer at the prestigious fashion event

At a time when what Muslim women choose to wear is causing intense debate, many are calling Hasibuan’s move a historic moment in bringing the hijab into the mainstream.

Inspired by her hometown Jakarta, Hasibuan presented trousers, flowing tunic and gowns, in luxurious fabrics and detailed embroidery, all worn with hijab(s).anniesa-hassibua-in-fashion-week







dalalidheaderWith 1.9million Instagram followers, she is insta famous. Dalalid was born in Kuwait in 1986.

In 2012 she started blogging about her outfits.  Showing her followers how to mix and match colors, pieces, and styles together. She also told them where to shop and where they would find exceptional pieces.

She never thought that she would become one of the most influential bloggers in Kuwait. In a very short time, her influence spread. It covered the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) and the Arab world.

She aims to be recognized internationally, and is happy to announce that it is already happening.


halima-aden-miss-minnesota-pageant-hijab-burkiniHalima Aden will be the first woman to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA Pageant while wearing a hijab and Burkini

Ms. Aden, 19, a Somali-American in the northern state, made it to the semi-finals of the event. Her presence in the competition comes at a time when Islam phobia is high and Muslims are discriminated thanks to Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric. In the US elections.

The director of Miss Minnesota USA and Miss Minnesota Teen USA, Denise Wallace, said. “The Miss Universe organization is proud to be the forefront of the diversity of beauty.”




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