Drinking at least a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of liver cancer

Researchers from Southampton and the University of Edinburgh found that the more coffee consumed the greater the protection against hepatocellular cancer (HCC). HCC cancer is the most common form of primary liver cancer.

HCC is the second leading cause of cancer death globally because of its poor prognosis and high frequency.

One cup of caffeinated coffee a day was associated with a 20 per cent reduction in the risk of developing HCC, two cups more with a 35 per cent reduction, and up to five cups with a halving of the risk.

So sometimes skip your “Ewa- Agoyin” or Akara and Pap (these are Naija morning favorites) and try coffee and toast *wink*












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How coffee reduces Liver Cancer;

The compound molecules found in coffee possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and other beneficial properties which scientists believe may explain the lower rates of chronic liver disease and liver cancer experienced by coffee-drinkers.


About the study:

The research, published in the journal BMJ Open, examined the data from 26 observational studies, involving more than 2.25 million participants, to calculate the relative risks of developing HCC for drinking between one and five cups of caffeinated coffee a day.


Professor Peter Hayes, of the University of Edinburgh, commented: “We have shown that coffee reduces cirrhosis and also liver cancer in a dose-dependent manner. Coffee has also been reported to reduce the risk of death from many other causes. Our research adds to the evidence that, in moderation, coffee can be a wonderful natural medicine.”


Dr Kennedy added: “The next step now is for researchers to investigate the effectiveness, through randomized trials, of increased coffee consumption for those at risk of liver cancer.”


Other health Benefits of coffee.

  • Coffee may be protective against type 2 diabetes, according to researchers at UCLA
  • Higher coffee and caffeine intake is associated with a significantly lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease
  • Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard School of Public Health, concluded that drinking coffee in moderation protects against heart failure. They defined ‘in moderation’ as 2 European cups (equivalent to two 8-ounce American servings) per day.
  • Helps in weight loss and keeps the body alert.


Adverse effects

  • Too much coffee is said to cause insomnia (Google if you’re not sure what it means)
  • Daily intake not too good for pregnant mothers, can also reduce chances of getting pregnant
  • Steer off coffee if you have high blood pressure.


Calorie count:

Typical black coffee contains 2 calories, but add milk and sugar and that’s likely to shoot up.

Don’t like coffee, try Cappuccino or add cream and sugar. Drink your way to good health.

At least now we know Liver cancer is not “Juju” (black magic) from the Village.



Source: Southampton university;  Medical News Today 


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