Climate change is like white walkers and Paris agreement is the Valyrian steel.

“Winter is coming.”

If you are a fan of game of thrones, you would have heard this line repeatedly from season 1. Season 7 trailer is out, and we are still waiting for winter.

According to the series, the seven kingdoms is protected with a seven hundred feet high wall stretching through the ends of the earth and infused with magic from children of the forest

The winter is supposed to bring the white walkers through the great wall and they would destroy the whole of Westeros leaving an everlasting storm

Men of the Night watch protect the walls, but mostly against wildings. They did not realize there was a bigger threat of white walkers

In king’s landing and most parts of Westeros, the white walkers is a myth, faded into the background, a storm in a distant horizon. i mean they are more worried about their game of thrones

Only Jon snow and some men of the night watch have encountered them and believe they pose a treat

Like Jon snow says    “The war is not over, the true enemy would not wait out the storm, he brings the storm”


In real life, winter is really coming, it not white walkers its climate change.

Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth primarily due to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air.

climate change is destructive. It could result in rising sea levels, warming ocean, deaths of sea creatures, frequent storms; additional rainfall,  wildfires and heat waves.

Just like  white walkers were dismissed as a myth in westeros  by rulers like cersei, there are so many climate change skeptics in this reality. Even those who believe are not actively doing something to reduce their carbon footprints, they just hope the government would take initiative.

Everyone is ranting about Donald trump response to climate change, but the truth is no one really cares( not that much)

We kind of know it’s true, but it’s lost in our distant minds. A UN poll in 2015 found that only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern

They are more worried about global terrorism, education a responsible government and other world issues


valyrian steel/ Paris climate agreement

Just like Jon snow is the lone voice announcing the great war coming to westeros and getting people ready for it.  the scientist of our time have been calling for us to sharpen our valyrian steel by reducing our carbon footprint.

The Paris Agreement was hailed as a landmark international deal when 194 countries including the EU and China, signed up to sweeping pledges on the environment at a UN meeting in the French capital in late 2015.

Voluntary pledges setting out how they plan to limit their greenhouse gas emissions were made

However, the targets were not legally binding and a country will not be penalized if it fails to meet them.

The fact that these pledges carries no penalty means that the Paris agreement is flawed and does not take climate change as a life and death affair.( My opinion)

Let’s play our part!

Outside the government Even in our everyday lifestyle, reducing our carbon footprints sounds like someone else’s problem distant, not a real issues

But like the white walkers, it’s  a real threat waiting to cross the wall of earth and wreak havoc in our everyday life.

Ready to go green and reduce your carbon footprints: here are some tips:

Use solar power and low carbon vehicles

Unplug Your Gadgets, use laptops they conserve more power

Drink tap Water, plastic takes a toll on the environment

Take Public Transit , Carpool, ride your bike or walk

Plant a Tree

Change to compact florescent bulb/ turn off all lights when not in use

Use less hot water, turn off taps not in use

Recycle bottles and some plastics


Winter is coming guys,  stop hating on Trump, play your part


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