Beauty trend alert: Blood creams and vampire facials.

Beauty trends is taking a cue from vampires. Staying youthful using blood!

Acne, pimples, stretch marks, scars, black heads simply disappear if blood is used the right way.

And no this isn’t witchcraft and you don’t have to kill anybody. It’s your own blood stimulated in various ways to yield supple and glowing skin.

No lasers, Botox, surgery, unnatural and chemical substances. Just your blood.


So what’s the beauty secret in the blood?

When we have wounds or cuts and blood flows; the body naturally produces a substance called collagen to heal and bind together.

Collagen is like a glue that holds the skin and other organs together giving it a supple and firm look; therefore Collagen equals youthful skin

As we age, the body produces less and less of collagen until the skin starts to sag and wrinkles appear.one of the ways to naturally produce collagen is to encourage the flow of blood within and outside the body


Some blood beauty therapies;

Facial Micro-needling

Imagine deliberately traumatizing the entire face by scratching it with over 50 tiny needles causing pinpoint bleeding and blisters to the face.

A roller brush with lots of needles is used to achieve this.

The micro-injuries to the skin initiate the skin’s repair process which includes naturally producing collagen to the affected area.

The rush of collagen and elastin to heal these microscopic wounds improves the skin’s appearance and reduces signs of aging.



Let’s start with a little biology. The blood contains growth and healing cells called platelets (prp)

When injected into wrinkles and scars it induces collagen, regenerates tissues and naturally tighten the skin.

The first step in vampire facials is to get the patient’s blood usually from under the arms.

The blood is spinned in a centrifuge to separate the yellowish growth factor (Called PRP)

This growth factor is inserted directly into wrinkles for rejuvenation.

When inserted into the face it energizes stem cells, stimulates collagen production and


Blood creams:

Blood creams are the brain child of Babra strum in Germany.  The cream is a mixture of base creams – everything without preservatives: no fragrances, no mineral oils.

After mixing the base creams, the mixture is completed with client’s blood.

Just like in the Vampire facials, blood is extracted and separated to extract the PRP growth factor.

This serum is mixed into the cream, lasts for up to five weeks.

How much does it cost 1, 000 US dollars.


These treatments used to be the exclusive to A-List celebrities, but today, its gone mainstream in America and most part of Europe.

Its also infiltrated into South Africa and Kenya.


Hope your inspired to get bloody.

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