Bad-assed reporting! Ambushed by Isis, staring death in the face, CNN’s Arwa Damon keeps reporting Live from the war in Mosul.

Guys you have to watch this video, this is a real-life blockbuster, raw & uncut.

Arwa Damon a CNN reporter is presently embedded with some Iraq troops and US Special Forces in the battle to capture the city of Mosul from Isis.

Their convoy of bullet proofed vehicles was ambushed and shot on, they ran for cover into civilian homes only to be further surrounded it was a set up by Isis, they had to fight with wounded soldiers, and all through this the blond kept her reporting going.

This is not the first time the CNN Senior international war correspondent has put her life on the line to get a good story, let’s see some highlights of her reporting…


  • In 2007, Damon traveled to Baghdad to cover the assault in Fallujah where she was stuck in a 10-hour street fight and shot at by snipers while embedded with the U.S. military.


  • She covered the revolution and fall of President Mubarak, reporting from Tahir Square in Egypt for days amidst protests and gunfire.


  • In July of 2011, Damon traveled to Bahrain, covering the anti-government protests. While interviewing the demonstrators, government troops opened fire on the crowds as she continued her reporting.


  • She was the only Western journalist to report live during the last counter-offensive in Tripoli during the Muammar al-Gaddafi regime. She was trapped there for days and slept in an airport that was repeatedly hit with shelling and gunfire.


  • February of 2012, she was smuggled into hom to cover the ongoing siege in Syria, and has admitted in past interviews that it was the most frightening war zone she ever stepped into. Damon was pulled out of Homs the day before the media center they were in, was bombed.


You guys may argue it’s in line of duty, dodging bullets, crawling through hidden tunnels, but I think she is an adrenaline junkie.  She has worked nonstop in Middle Eastern countries where journalists have a price on their heads, Damon has come under fire multiple times by government forces, risking capture and arrest.  But with guts comes some glory

  • In 2012.  Damon was awarded Emmy for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story
  • In 2014 she was awarded with the Courage in Journalism Award by the international women’s media foundation.
  • 2015 Peabody Award, which recognized Damon’s “high-risk field reporting”
  • Investigate Reporters and Editors award for her reporting of the Consulate attack in Benghazi, along with fellow photojournalist Sarmad Qaseera.


Beyond being a Journalist, when the camera was turned off, she had a humanitarian side.

In 2007 in the kitchen of CNN’s Baghdad Bureau. She  was watched Youssif, a five year old Iraqi boy sullenly push one grain of rice at a time through his lips that he could barely open. Masked men had doused him in gasoline and set him on fire when he was standing in front of his house.

The sad experience gave birth to her Foundation INARA, to assist treatment of refugee children

She also covered the story of the boy for the world to see hopeful that he would find help. Youssif ended up being treated by the Children’s Burn Foundation in Los Angeles.

Through her reporting, she did not only tell the war story, she connected with those affected, bringing their plight to the world to see and take action:

  • Arwa Damon covering the Iraq War.

    Arwa Damon covering the Iraq War.How the Iraqi government keeps women and their children locked up.

  • The story of the women that were forced to become “Al-Qaeda” wives.
  • Victims of rape and abuse in Pakistan and Afghanistan and infants that were fed opium


Damon was born in the United States to an American father and a Syrian mother.

Her grandfather on mother side was former Syrian Prime Minister, Mushin al-Barazi; and assassinated in a military coup in 1949),

Grew up in Turkey and Morocco

She graduated with honors from Skidmore College, New York in 1999 with a double major in French and Biology and International Affairs as a minor.

She speaks Arabic, French, Turkish and English

She follows Muslim as her religion because she was inspired by her mother who is a Syrian Muslim too.


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