All-female flight crews taking over the sky!

Across the world, airlines are now pro-women, pro gender equality and pro fly girls (literally)

It’s become popular to rollout an all-female flight crew from pilots to hostesses, on ground service and maintenance.

We are all used to hearing a male voice boom through as the captain on board, sometimes with a female copilot. that makes a plane flown by only women hot news right?

The following airlines have smashed this glass ceiling;

Air India:

This year to celebrate women’s day Air India broke a world record by flying the world with an all-women’s crew.

The flight flew over the Pacific Ocean from New Delhi and San Francisco and back through the Atlantic Ocean.

All staff involved in the flight: check in, air traffic controllers and hostesses and flight captain were all women

Aer Lingus Dublin:

Also operated a flight from Dublin to London with an all-female team, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Flight EI162 departed for London Heathrow at noon, piloted by Captain Louise Gilroy and First Officer Amy Cunningham


Delta airlines: Two weeks ago, two african american women captain  Delta mainline flight airbus A329 from Detroit to Las Vegas.


Even in the Middle East with all the restrictions on women

Brunei airlines

This Islamic country put their women’s restriction aside and flew with an all-female flight crew from Brunei to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

In an ironic twist they touched down into a country where women are still not allowed to drive a car.

 Africa is not fast asleep, our girls are also  flying high…


Ethiopian airlines:

Africa’s Most profitable airline dispatched its first-ever all-female crew on an international flight to Bangkok, Thailand as way back as 2015.The story was typical
women empowerment, inspire young girls and more.


Zimbabwean airlines

Even with the economic crisis,
Zimbabwean airlines refused to be left out. President Mugabe returned from Mauritius after attending the African Economic summit. He was flown by an all-female flight crew.

The same Captain Patricia who flew Mugabe went on to deliver a heroes landing  on another plane en route from Harare to  Victoria falls

Due to the really stormy weather landing the plane was near impossible. After circling the plane for 45mins, captain patricia found a way to land smoothly. she received a standing ovation


Malawian airline:

Also made its own headlines.
Airport officers, immigration, police and other check in details were all women.

But this is not all, kenya airlines, Nigeria and southafrica has also attempted  the all female flight crew.

Most of these airlines has cited women equality and empowerment as the motivation but I think there is more.


In an industry largely dominated by men, it’s blazing hot to find an all-girls flight crew.

The result is  free press, news worthiness and customer applause and good will. beyond empowering women , i think it’s also a good marketing gimmick to put such airlines on the world stage…Just saying.


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