3 male & gay celebrity makeup artists making waves in the beauty world

Manny Mua:

Real name is Manny Gutierrez.  At just 25,  he is a beauty Vlogger and Makeup expert with more than 3 Million followers on Instagram and  2.2million YouTube subscribers.

As a Beauty Ambassador for international brands, he has worked with Maybelline and  CoverGirl cosmetics

He has also  made People’s Magazine Most Beautiful People ; The only man to make the list


As suspected, he is gay. He shared his coming out story on his channel, it was so emotional gathering one million views (watch)

According to his video, he grew up in a proper household with devout Christian parents who has never met anyone gay.

As a child he was an almost perfect kid, he really wanted to please his parents. he never drank, smoked, or joined a gang, rather he played sports and  focused on his grades.

He was a straight A student.


At high school, he found out he liked boys and being from a Christian background, he prayed the feeling should go away, it never did.

His parents were devastated when they caught him flirting online with another boy, they had a difficult time with it and made him go for therapy.


They tried counselling, it failed and eventually he became rebellious.

He dropped out of Medical school to become a full time makeup artist.


YouTube star: jeffree star.


This drag queen lookalike sounds like a Hollywood wannabe because he is into everything, music, fashion, movies and TV.

But his breakout success came through his one big passion :make up.

According to jeffree star, he discovered makeup at the age of 13 and have been obsessed with it ever since. He used to copy looks from fashion ads in his mother’s cosmopolitan magazines.

Today, he has a YouTube channel where he gives makeup tutorials. His channel gets about 1.5million views per day and he has over 4.5million subscribers.

He also has his own line of cosmetics which sell out quickly anytime he brings in some new stock from his self titled .Jeffreestar cosmetics

But it was not always green for Jeffree star. After graduating from high school (He) moved from orange county California to LA where (he) started from the bottom.

He worked at makeup counters, did some free jobs, low paying weddings before he finally started getting noticed by some  celebrities.

View his youtube video here

Patrick Starr

With about 2.4million subscribers and as many as 4 million views per post, this is a hot one right?

First up, you can’t tell if you are seeing  a Man or a woman, His voice sounds like a woman’s voice, but he also has a male voice too.

He had to do a  video on his channel to specifically address  his sexuality (check out video here)

I’m a boy, I have a turban, I’m gay,” Starr says.

Starr has been dabbling in makeup since his high school days.

After a holiday job with MAC  cosmetics store in his hometown during the holiday season he decided to launch a Youtube channel  in 2013.

When Starr first started out, he had no idea who his viewers were, so he decided to facetime them asking them to leave their numbers.

Oh and by the way, all three know and support one another a lot.

I know the conservatives amongst us are judging like gay? Sin? and more.

Well I see guys breaking stereotypes and taking over industries that was reserved for women. Hot stuff !

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