Trending today on YouTube with millions of views:  Mr. P cool it down. Taylor swift Gorgeous & 2 more (see videos)

Mr. P cool it down:

Peter of P-Square has released a new music video.  This is his first video since their split so Nigerians are really interested in what he can do on his own.

It’s been speculated that Paul wrote most of their songs and peter can’t sing so my guess is he is trying to prove a point here. In my opinion the song is just ok, but it does not have that richness and twist of a p -square music

Taylor swift Gorgeous:

She released another single from her album reputation.  The love single gorgeous which has received over seven million views has been met with mixed reviews.Fan theorist ponder whether the song is about her rumored current boyfriend Joe Alywn.

I like the song, it sounds very Taylor swift. Wish she would do something different.

One direction band member scared on the Ellen show:

His reaction is quite hilarious.  With almost 2 million views it’s had everyone sharing and clicking.

Why die

A group of YouTubers called CPG grey is suggesting that human beings don’t need to die. And they have science to back it up. It’s a must watch.                    

The battleground virtual reality game

Youtubber called Nigahiga created this amazing video 18hours ago. It’s actually just funny videos of guys playing a virtual game. But it can pass for a Steven Spielberg movie.

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