These Leeches would give you great skin and good health

Centuries ago…

If you were unwell, physicians would set their leeches on you – and they’d suck your blood to prevent illness and disease

These medieval doctors were not crazy, they believed that diseases were the result of “imbalances” in the blood.

Example blood clots in the head was causing headaches, blood clots in the Knee led to arthritis and so on.

Treatments were quite simple,   leeches were placed on affected areas.  By sucking the blood the leaches sucks out the clot to enable circulation and promote healing

This ancient practice was called bloodletting.  The practice died out once medicine advanced.


Leeche therapy

Leeche organic face-lifts are being discovered by American movie stars, models, newscasters and  high-profile personalities who are professionally concerned about their facial appearance.

The ancient bloodletting is slowly re-emerging again with a new attitude (wellness) and a new name (Leeche therapy)

Its a great alternative to cosmetic surgery


Celebrities getting sucked by leeches

During a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow discussed her experience with the vampire-friendly facial on-air. “

Actress Demi Moore traveled all the way to Austria for a “leech detox” and recounted her experience with the “high-level bloodsuckers” during an interview on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Miranda Kerr is also another lover of Leeche therapy



 How leeches therapy works

Leeches therapy is based on the premise of blood flow and circulation.


When blood flow is improved through the entire body, nutrients and proteins that promote growth and healing are distributed; the resulting effects are supple & firm skin, functioning organs and visibly reduced health problems.

By sucking the blood the leeches create a blood rush to the area, removing stale blood, improving circulation of nutrients like collagen to the skin.

The Leech’s saliva their saliva has over 100 bio-active substances that are very beneficial in the following ways;

  • Increase skin elasticity and tightness
  • Reduce inflammation within tissues
  • Rejuvenate blood vessels
  • Dissolve unwanted impurities and deposits within the skin
  • Provide many natural antibiotics
  • Kill unwanted bacteria within the skin


Leeche therapy for facial lifts;   leeches may be used to help improve blood flow under the eye and wrinkled areas in the face. by sucking  and removing congested blood, fresh blood flows into the small vessels around the face promoting tightness and firmness.

Leeche therapy for baldness;Leech therapy is known to increase blood circulation, therefore when therapy is applied to thinning or bald areas, the increase of blood circulation helps enhance the concentration and delivery of nutrients that assist in making hair follicles strong, thereby assisting in the promotion of hair growth.

Leeche Therapy for Diabetics ;One of the most important substances recognized in leech salivary glands is Hirudin, a substance that suppresses the blood clotting mechanism. Diabetic patients have viscous [thick] blood, which creates a higher risk of developing blood clots.

Hirudin secreted into the body through the Leeches saliva also has a blood diluting effect, so apart from preventing blood clots; it also thins the blood, allowing the blood to circulate more easily, relieving pressure on the heart and blood vessels.


Sports and physical Injury Helping to restore blood circulation to grafted or severely injured tissue.  Enzymes found in leech saliva, which are known to reduce pain, inflammation and dissolving blood clots.


Risks associated with Leech therapy

Infection – There is a small risk of infection from the leech. Although they are specially farmed for medicinal use, they contain bacteria in their gut that helps them digest blood. To prevent any infection your doctor will give you an antibiotic for the duration of your leech therapy.

Bleeding – The leech site may continue to ooze blood for several hours after the leech has dropped off. The nurses will monitor the wound site and check your blood levels to check you are not becoming anemic.


It is important to use only leeches that have been raised in the laboratory under sterile conditions in order to protect patients from infection.

So what do you think guys, Leeche Facials- Hot or not.

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