Taylor swift: new music video shows how wild she would be if she were invisible(watch)

Celebrities like Taylor swift definitely wished they were invisible sometimes- she brought that thought to life in her new music video delicate – 

Someone handed Taylor Swift a note while she was on the celebrity red-carpet with all the media frenzy. She opened the note while goofing in front of her reflection in the mirror, all of a sudden she could not see her reflection.She realized no one else could see her, neither her fans nor her body guards- she was invisible.

Then a flush of excitement followed- , she did not have to face the press and the crazy fans

She did not have to be poised, calm and  well put together

She was free! and she went wild.

She took off her heels and super long dress

Taylor danced in the rain,  on the subway and on top of a taxi

She also took the subway train- something she probably cannot do right now.

She had some mad fun being invisible. Clearly the video is  trying to highlight some of the downsides of being in the public eye . Not a bad one.

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