Samsung note 8 Versus iPhone X: When the world’s best phones go head to head the winner is…

Apple and Samsung reminds me of the days when Puff daddy and Jay Z were still mainstream and relevant. They are both rich, premium and up class. It was hard to categorically put one above the other.

Anyone who would consider an iphone x with its hefty price tag would have stopped to think about its major competitor Samsung Note 8.   So, ring the alarm, it’s time for a matchup.

Screen and designs

Samsung Galaxy is all screen with the phone display wrapping around the note 8 edges giving it a dramatic look. bottom and top bevels all gone.

It uses iris recognition, note 8 finger print sensors has moved to the back of the phone, close to the Camera

The phone is taller and Screen inch is larger than the iphone x at 6.3inches, that makes the phone heavier,195grams of weight

Ip68 water and dust resistance.

Comes in multiple options: Midnight black, maple gold, orchid grey & deep-sea blue


iPhone- x: screen also stretches top to bottom but does not wrap around the sides of the phone.

Screen inch is 5.8 inches length and weighs 174g in weight

Even though iPhone x is supposed to be all screen, the front facing camera has taken up just a tiny bit of the screen.

1p67 water and dust resistance

It comes in silver and space black

Display similarities include: metals frames with glass tannels at the front and back, both has some form of  facial recognition Samsung uses Iris scanning while IPhone X straight up facial recognition

Summary: Samsung Note 8 has a more dramatic screen and phone display that wraps around the edges. The front facing camera does not dip into the screen space. Better water and dust resistance and more color options

Winner: Note 8


Display and screen resolution

Samsung Note 8: Samsung has enjoyed a big advantage over Apple for years because it’s phones used OLED panels.it also enjoys higher screen resolution 2960 x 1440 And with 521 ppi, Samsung is packing in more pixels per inch on its display.

iphone X: Apple has lost the display battle to Samsung over the years because they use LCD screens even with its new iphone 8 and 8 plus models.

But with iphone 10, Apple decides to upgrade by giving the iPhone X an OLED screen. Guess who supplied the screens for iphone x? Samsung. according to multiple reports. The iPhone X starts at something of a disadvantage, with a 2436 x 1125 resolution at 458 pixels per inch (ppi).

What apple lacked in display pixels, they made up for it with their color balancing technology true tone which makes their images sharper

Summary: Samsung Note 8 lets in more brightness with a higher screen resolution, but the iPhone does a better job with contrast and color management leveraging its true tone technology hence better display quality

Winner: iPhone X.


The Note 8 and iphone x share a lot of Similarities: They are both dual rear camera, Have 2x optical zoom, 12 mega pixel camera, 12-megapixel lens. They both have Optical image stabilization. But there are differences

Samsung Note 8: camera opening for lights is 1.7 aperture & zoom 2.4

The Camera is built with manual and automatic settings for functionality

The camera enables you to capture pictures at live focus mode, this enables you to blur the background of the photo.

Front facing camera allows you to take portrait and wide angled images with one shot. It made with 8mp, 1.7 apertures and good video quality


Apple: Camera opening for lights slightly higher with 1.8 Aperture, 2. 4 zoom.

iPhone offers beefed up portrait mode with lightening effects. You can blur your background for portrait images, and it makes out all the lightening effects in the photos and has impressive features like depth mapping and HDR support

The video and slow-motion quality of the iphone X is super good, first of its kind for any mobile phone.

Front facing camera 7mp shooter; 2.2 aperture. portrait mode, Face ID unlocking

Summary: Note 8 captures better details in selfie mode because it has better pixel quality in front, and can present pictures in wide angled or portrait in one shot. The iphone X is better in the rear camera and has more impressive features like depth mapping.it also shoots better videos

Winner: too close to call.


iPhone x: you can open multiple windows at a time and be rest assured your phone would not hang. its perfect for photo, gaming, video and music editing. It has great performance and speed

Its powerful processor is A11 bionic chip is responsible for the processor speed and effectiveness

Samsung note 8: it uses the best processor available to an android phone, Snapdragon 835 is used in US and china, Exynos 8895 is used in other markets. Though a solid processor, its nothing compared to what you get in Apple processor.

Winner: Apple iPhone x by a wide margin.

Special Features

Samsung Note 8: has an inbuilt heart rate and oxygen monitor, so you can check yourself on the go

The S-pen has long been one of the best things about the Galaxy Note series, and that continues with the Note 8. It has been enhanced with text translation, animated GIFS, etc.

It’s got the built-in Bixby Samsung assistant, for controlling functions of the phone with your voice,

An App Pair feature for automatically launching two apps side by side.

Dex Dock accessory, and you can turn your Note 8 into a mobile PC.

Headphone Jack

iphone x: Apple counters with Face ID for the iPhone X, allowing you to unlock your phone and confirm Apple Pay payments with just a glance of your face.

That True Depth camera allows you to turn your face into an animated emoji in Messages — Apple’s dubbed this “animojis” — that even mimics your expressions.

Summary: Samsung accessories has more functionality, the s.pen and dex dock makes it business and work friendly not to mention the health benefits.

Winner: Note 8


Price and basic functionality ( Battery life & storage capacity)

Battery-life: Continuously surfing the web at 4Gig and 150nit brightness, the Note 8 lasted 11 hours and 11 minutes, while at the same time iphone x lasted 10:49. Both the iPhone X and Note 8 charge wirelessly, and each phone supports fast charging, too. However, fast wired charging with the iPhone X requires purchasing a separate USB-C power adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Storage capacity and pricing: The iPhone X price starts at $999 which makes it the most expensive iPhone ever made. And that’s for the iPhone X with 64GB of storage. The 256GB iPhone X will cost $1,149. The Samsung Note 8 cost $929 and comes in 64GB and extra micro SD 256 GB at no extra cost

Winner: Samsung note 8 for price and functionality


Final word: If you needed a phone that could edit music, video, gaming and perform powerful processes on the go, you need the iphone X. its great for creative people because of the processor.

But for everyday functionality and selfie loving moments: then go with the Samsung.

As for me, I am going to #stickwithmyoldphone#


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