Oh Christmas tree! Beautiful trees, Awe inspiring stories (see 7 pictures)

Husband and wife compromise on Christmas tree design. A reedit user posted an image of this tree with crazy contrast in decorations. According to him, my wife and I don’t agree on how to decorate a tree. 4 years ago we started this as a joke and till today, it’s still going strong.

Kylie Jenner’s pink Christmas tree.

As she posted on her Instagram page. Is she trying to say something, could it mean a girl is on the way. That’s what news reports are speculating. The tree is gorgeous though, #money talking


New York lights or Ajose Adeogun in Victoria Island: Zenith has taken ownership of Christmas by lightning up the street of Ajose Adeogun in Victoria Island with strips of Christmas lights and decorations.


About 100, 000 bulb lights of Christmas tree,  LED cherry blossom trees, beautifully-lighted whipping willow trees and what the Zenith Bank called a forest of yellow and white LED Christmas trees glowing against the beautiful skyline of Victoria Island close to the bank’s headquarters.

Selfie anyone.

Melania Trump”s Christmas tree.

Her first Christmas in the white house, She is the first lady and this is her moment. She did a good job creating with the trees.To add to the Unveil splendor, ballet dancers to make it even more picture perfect….nice


Melania Trump was trolled for her Gothic looking hallway (I think it’s scary though)



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