Inside Singapore Airport: best in the world for six years in a row

If you stop by at Singapore airlines on a transit, chances are you are most likely to miss your next flight, but trust me airline officials would totally understand.

The airline itself is a holiday destination with 24-hour movie theatres screening the latest blockbusters for free, a rooftop swimming pool and a sunflower garden that features several varieties of sunflowers are grown at the airport.

In March 2018, they were awarded the best airport in the world for the sixth year in a row.

Here’s why Changi airport is simply fascinating;

Butterfly garden

This mini paradise houses over 1,000 butterflies. It’s surrounded with a landscape of flowering plants, lush greenery and a six-meter grotto-waterfall.

Roof top pool:

For 17 dollars, travelers can bask in the sun or take a cool dip in the pool at the top of the airport! Along with the free use of their shower facilities, and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink at the bar, and a Jacuzzi to boot, this is definitely one of the cooler (literally!) things to do at Changi Airport. 

Changi airport has two movie theatres that screens some of the latest blockbusters plus free fox movies

Sunflower garden

The garden features several varieties of sunflowers grown in Changi Airport’s very own nursery. Located at the rooftop area of the airport terminal, it enables travellers admire the majestic view of the runway and aircraft parking bays.

World’s best art works perfect for a selfie background

Petal clouds: it moves anytime there is a sound of music and dance

“Les Oiseaux (The Birds)” is a beautifully handcrafted stainless steel wired sculpture of three birds, by French artist, Cedric Le Borgne. One bird is perched on the ground while the other two are suspended mid-air, soaring high.

Xbox Kinect Sports room.

This new sports gaming experience is based on your movements and actions, including facial expressions and voice. Just choose between table tennis, beach volleyball, track and field events, bowling, boxing or soccer for hours of entertainment

Duty free shopping:

With up to 140 Cosmetics and Perfumes brands, The Shilla Duty Free boasts the largest collective beauty offering in Singapore with attractive prices up to 40% more affordable than in the city.

A beauty parlor for mani – pedi(s) , facials and massages

There is also a fully fitted entertainment corner for various activities like video games,  free WiFi, and a music station

The airport also has  impeccably manicured landscaping on its grounds and  along two kilometers of roads leading to it. To tend to all these plants, Changi employs a team of 11 horticulturalists. It outsources the landscaping work to external contractors and vendors, who employ about 120 people for the task.

#no to mediocrity. we rate  the airport  fiery hot!




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