Imagine a store with no cashier & no pay point; just pick what you want and walk away – (Inside Amazon go)  

Inside the future of shopping Amazon has launched the store of the future in Seattle; no cashiers, no self-service pay area, no checkout lines and no stress. Simply walk in, select your purchases and walk out .Located at the base of Amazon ‘Seattle HQ, is the first ever pick and go shopping center anywhere in the world

Since Amazon is not a charity organization, here’s how they get paid…To walk into the store you need a few things, an Amazon account, a recent smartphone, and the Amazon Go app. You enter the 1800-square-foot space through six high-tech turnstiles.

Open the app and wave a code on your screen above a gate to open it.

Inside, the store’s army of cameras will begin tracking your every move. Facial, body and object-recognition algorithms will enable the system to spot your purchase as you take it from the shelf and put it in your basket. Every drink or bag of taro chips you take off a shelf is added to a “virtual” shopping cart. The shelves have sensors and know when something is removed. You can pick things up and put them back, and you won’t be charged.

The system has your credit card details on file, and you’ll instantly be billed for what you take as soon as you walk out

What is sold at Amazon go:

 The shelves are primarily stocked with packaged and pre-made foods. There are Amazon meal kits, sandwiches, snacks and basics like flour and coffee beans.

There is not much fresh produce, probably because tracking loose apples and other items sold by weight is tricky without a scale. Personal items are also limited

Amazon go has been criticized for many reasons

Only the rich and middle class with access to bank accounts and smart phones can access the product ( well, I don’t see how that’s an issue, can u tell Rolex to be affordable for the poor)

The tracking technology has raised privacy and data collection concerns. Amazon isn’t sharing too many details about how its technology works, but it has denied using facial recognition for people tracking.

And then there’s the 3.5 million cashiers in the U.S. making around $9.70 an hour who could eventually lose their jobs to automation.

The first few days of the Amazon Go launch witnessed loads of tourist who wanted to experience the service.

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world. Read about Jeff Bezos billion dollar business principles


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