If you have not seen these 4 movies that swept the Oscars…..do it now!( see trailers and synopsis)


A perfect world picture directed by Joe Wright

“We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost maybe. We shall fight on the beaches and on the landing grounds; we shall fight in the fields and in the streets; we shall fight in the hills and never surrender”

That was Winston Churchill in the darkest hours of the second world war, with the Nazi army invading the british his fiery speech gave the world hope to fight on and they did…and won. Everyone agrees that this is the best movie by star actor Gary Oldman who played Winston Churchilll- I want to watch this one.

Number of Nominations– 6: best picture, best actor, best cinematography, best costume, best makeup and best production design- what else is left. see trailer below


TSG entertainment, story and production by Guillermo del Toro

Synopsis: In the cold war era (1962) America and Russia were sworn enemies. They built various weapons in the arms race to emerge the world’s strongest military. Against this backdrop, the United States military created a sea creature in a fortified secret laboratory. Lonely Elisa was a dumb cleaner trapped in a life of isolation- her job was to clean the secret lab, then get out. Then she discovered the labs biggest secret, a fearsome and dangerous creature.

They developed an unusual bond, a relationship that caused things to spiral out of control.

Number of Nominations-13, that’s literally almost everything. I would not be surprised if darkest hour takes more awards home though. see trailer below.


A Christopher Nolan movie

During world war 2, the combined forces of French and British army made a fatal mistake and entered straight into an ambush. the war was lost, French and British forces would be wiped out by Nazi bombs; The only escape route was Dunkirk, but with Nazi forces on their tails, they might not make it.

By some sheer stroke of luck or confusion, the Nazi army delayed their advance forward. that enabled the most miraculous rescue in military history .Army helicopters on air, Navy ships at sea and even civilian boats  made their way forward into  Dunkirk to rescue British and French soldiers back to safety.

This movie captures the fear, the loss and relives the nightmare of the soldiers rescued…and of course the untold stories of those left behind

Number of Nominations; 8 Including best picture, best director, best cinematography, best production design. see trailer below


By Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas

A celebrity stylist in post war London lives a very methodical life, he has no time for love and romance. women to him are just an inspiration and a muse for making and testing his high fashion garments. then he met a waiter, she was perfect. pretty and slim she was perfect to try out his high fashion. she gave her body in submission- for his pleasure and as his muse. he gave her a good life.

Until he felt more…and she wanted more. hmmmm. I like this movie. see trailer below

And why is wonder woman my featured image when they got the big snub-well its a protest. how could they have ignored wonder woman!

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