Hit or miss? Watch and judge new music videos released by Davido, rude boy and Mavin’s Jonny Drille

Davido – Flora my Flawa

He has taken to love songs. After his massive success in IF and FIA, it’s not surprising he sticks to what works. The video was created with the 80(s) look and feel.

My verdict- I want to see something different from Davido, but this is not bad

Rude boy- Somebody baby
It’s nice to the individuality of the p square brothers coming to bear. Mr P seems to lean more into the Michael Jackson/ R.kelly side of things. Rude-boy on the other hand sounds a lot like flavor, across most of his recent releases and this is no exception.
My verdict; its ok, nothing as interesting as their group hits

Jonny Drille- Awa
Nice voice, some cool melody.

Our verdict: It’s nice to have a male artist that can actually sing. No hiding behind some cool beats or hoarse one-liners. An actual musician. We must support his ministry. #gomavin!

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