Best 2017 moments saved for the last week! See 5 new videos that would melt your heart

Wizkid live in concert-  (Dancing with Davido and Ahmed contract)

Really beautiful moments were created at Wizkid concert which took place at Eko hotel. Its hard to tell if it were scripted or not but our hearts were melted.

First he invited Davido his arch rival to share the stage with him, they performed Davido’s song FIA.

In the same concert, he invited a ghetto looking young boy Ahmed to the stage.

This little boy looked like he has not had a decent meal in days, but he owned the stage and performed impressively. Wizkid instantly signed him to star-boy on a 10million naira contract

The Real Madrid –Barcelona match=3-0 Barcelona scored three goals in a brilliant second half against Real Madrid. The goals were scored by Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Parreu Aleix Vidal. Everyone is asking for the whereabout of Ballon d’or winner.

Kendrick Lamar, love featuring zacari : Music and visuals come together beautifully in this award winning track . its already earned 12millions views in 7 days.

Meghan Markel joining the royals for Christmas celebration:Meghan Markel was invited to Sandringham Estate for her first Christmas with the royal family- this would be the first time a fiancee of the prince was invited to join the queen for Christmas festivities.

As always, they appeared in the royal perking order according to their succession to the throne; the queen and husband, followed by prince Charles and Camilla, Williams and Kate, Harry and Meghan….then then rest. see video

Ocean 8 trailer

A criminal mastermind and seven other female thieves try to pull off the heist of the century at New York’s annual Met Gala.

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