Apple’s IPhone X: here comes the bride. Is she hot or not?

Yesterday apple launched a couple of products.

Some improvements in the Apple watch, apple TV and iOS software updates

They also launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus which was an upgrade to the existing iPhone 7

But the bride everyone was waiting to see was the iPhone X

Everything new about Apple’s mobile technology is supposed to be embodied in this phone.

iPhone X is supposed to cement apple’s status as an innovation leader and the one to beat in all things mobile and technology

Question is how well did they do, were they hot or not?

In- case you have not seen the features, keep reading and tell us what you think.


Built into a glass house

It has ditched the bezels and opted for a glass front and back. Apple says there is a deeper strengthening layer in the glass that makes it the “most durable in a smart phone” Thanks to this new design, the iPhone X is sealed for water and dust resistance. It comes in only two finishes: silver and black.


All screen less phone

Its 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display. With a 2436 x 1125 resolution — The screen supports HDR. More accurate colors, better image uniformity across the screen, etc.


Swiping only, up, down & side to side

The touchID has been removed. To access your phone Just swipe away.

swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view all your running apps in card form, and getting back to the home screen involves dragging the app window down and flicking it away.

To access Siri, you can say “Hey Siri” or hold the side button, which Apple has enlarged.

Your face is your new password:

Apple users know the touch ID is central to apple’s security. But with the touch ID out, it’s been replaced with “Face ID” technology. The iPhone X is locked until you look at it and it recognizes you.

Face ID is enabled by a technology called true depth sensor.  It uses the front-facing camera as well as other sensors, including an infrared sensor, flood illuminator and dot projector, to pick your face and unlock the phone.

It’ll update your face scan frequently to account for changes like haircuts, hats and beards. Schiller says it’s a one-in-a-million chance that someone else’s face would unlock your phone, as compared with one in 50,000 for Touch ID.

Face ID will also let you authenticate Apple Pay purchases — by clicking the side button twice and looking at the screen, your phone will make the desired payment.



And Apple’s also using the True Depth sensors to let you create and share animated emoji’s. The company is starting with a dozen different emojis (most of them animals) that you can animate using your face.  It’s a lot like the pretend faces on snapchat


Selfie camera comes with Portrait mode and portrait lighting which produces impressive studio‑quality lighting effects. Its Depth-sensing cameras and precise facial mapping create striking studio‑quality lighting effects.


Rear Camera:

A larger and faster 12MP sensor. A new color filter. Deeper pixels. It has optical image stabilization and fast lenses. So images are clear in low light.

The iPhone X camera also has image signal processor to detect elements in the scene — like people, motion, and lighting conditions —it captures these background elements beautifully.

It also enables optical zoom, as well as digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

The really techy part ( for geeks I guess) The iphone X is packed with the A11 Bionic processor: 64bit design, six cores, two high-performance cores. Those high-performance cores are 25 percent faster than the A10’s, while the four high-efficiency cores are 70 percent faster than the A10’s. Apple also designed the GPU for the first time and says that it’s optimized for the company’s Metal 2 graphics framework.


Wireless charging with air-power:

The iPhone X as well as the new iPhone announced today comes with wireless charging capabilities. The battery life stays 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.

The wireless charging on the new iPhone is coming with a new accessory called airpower. It’s a larger mat that lets users charge their iPhone, apple watch and air-pods all at the same time.



One of the biggest questions about the iPhone X has been its cost. It’ll start at $999 for 64GB, and the 256GB model will likely run an extra $100. Pre-orders start on October 27th, and the phone will begin shipping on November 3rd.


So what do you think guys? Hot or not.

In my opinion warm. It a nice phone, but it’s not revolutionary. Nothing unimaginable. Gone are the days when apple would shock us or do something unexpected.

What do you think guys? Comments down below.

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