5 most viewed Music videos in the world –Billions of views

  1. Music video: Despacito 4.4billion YouTube views (10 months)

Artist: Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee.

This ragge summer song challenged Mariah Carey’s world record by spending over 16 weeks in billboard top 100. It has so far earned over seven awards including favorite song and best collaboration in American Music Awards.The song has also been nominated for Grammy awards best group collaboration, song of the year and record of the year.

Billboard music awards exempted the song from their video and song of the year category because it was Spanish and according to them the song was not submitted for a nomination. this caused a huge backlash from the public with Billboard music struggling to defend their position. 

2) See you again; 3.2billion views (3 years ago)

Artist : Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth.

The only R & B song to make the list of all time world views. Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the emotional music video  pays homage to the late Fast and the Furious star, Paul walker, who died before Furious 7 was released. See you again won seven awards including Critics choice song of 2016. The song, video and film tug at the heartstrings of fans and the cast alike, especially in the wake of their tragic loss.

3) PSY “Gangnam Style” 3 billion views (5 years ago)

PSY became the first person to reach 1 billion views, then 2 billion, breaking you tube’s record in the process. PSY had held the title since November 2012 for 3 years until Wiz Khalifa see you again came along.

It was an unserious funny song made to poke fun at the upper-class Seoul neighborhood of Gangnam. It accidentally became the best song ever from Asia. A worldwide hit, sung in local South Korean Language.

It did not make billboard 100, but it made top 100 in about 30 countries around the world, and won an international award –MTV video of the year.  Gangnam style remains the most parodied song in the world, even world leaders  has tried severally  to mimic the Gangnam dance.

Psy of Gangnam fame fell into depression trying to top that record.

4) Justin Bieber sorry, 2.8 billion views 2015.

This feels like a really low budget video, where he brought in some friends and decided to goof around. Hell, maybe he was knocked out drunk because he made no appearance in his own video. Well the video is the success we know now with 3 awards including American Music Awards for best video

Ed Sheeran Shape of you. 2.8million views (10months ago) When you can write songs that tug the heart strings, sing them and produce them, then that makes you Ed Sheeran.

This multiple award winning musical genius is here to stay. He started his career as a musical YouTuber posting self-produced songs to the streaming site.

He then went on to become backup singer for artist like Taylor swift. Before his rise to fame.

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