YOUTUBE SHOOTING: How youtubers make money and the new policies that stopped shooter Nasim Aghdam from earning revenue

The story:

Nasim Aghdam from southern California walked into YouTube Silicon valley headquarters and opened gun fire. She injured three people with gunshot wounds before pulling the trigger and killing herself.

Investigation revealed she is a disgruntled YouTube creator unhappy with their new policies that stopped her from earning revenue. After complaining severally that she is being filtered and discriminated on by YouTube she took things personally and attempted a mass shooting.

How Youtubbers make money:

The YouTube video streaming platform makes its revenue from multinational companies and brands that need to advertise on their platform- (remember those ads you skip after 5 seconds?)

This money is shared with the content creators (anyone with a good phone or camera that uploads anything on YouTube)

Previously making money on YouTube was a breeze, the number of views you have is all that really mattered.The more views you get, the higher the amount of money you make.

YouTube paid content creators about 3 dollars for every 1000 views.

A You-Tuber who consistently delivers high number of views + over 50,000 subscriber’s would be courted by brands and products for endorsement deals and product placement – another money maker for youtubbers.

Hence YouTube streaming platform became an all comers affair with new channels cropping up every day producing wacky content on their platform.

YouTube decided to make changes:

There were general user guidelines ; In 2017, to make money on YouTube you needed an eligibility requirement of 10,000 lifetime views. but too many bad content sailed through this huddle easily. You tube decided to step up its game

From February 2018, eligibility requirement for monetization changed to 4,000 hours of watch time within 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

But that’s not all, existing channels would also be combed through. Channels that don’t meet these set criteria would automatically stop earning money through ads.

Nasim Aghdam YouTube channel:

Now view the channel of our Youtube shooter and lets talk.

Well, clearly her videos are creepy and not so great, but thats not all, its obvious she has unresolved mental health issues.

According to reports her brother alerted the police when she disappeared for a couple of days and stopped answering her phone. they were worried she was angry at YouTube and could snap; but according to police reports, the call did not refer to her as  aggressive or dangerous

The world needs to start talking about Mental health!

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