Will game of thrones season 8 have truly Iconic moments – 10 scenes fans would never forget

The greatest show in the world is here ( I apologize if you disagree)

So season eight episode 1 in summary

Arya who had a beautiful reunion with Jon Snow.
The tense stand off between Sanza and Dany
Sam finding out his entire family has been roasted by Dany’s dragons.
Jamie’s awkward arrival and his meeting with Bran.
The dago ride- Jon Snow & Dany
Cersei allowing Euron to have her cookies after dishing some powerful feminist quotes

Still, not one scene in season 8 episode 1 has been able to top my all time faves- Here are game of thrones most iconic moments ever

1) John snow is crowned King of the North

Jon snow avenged the red wedding, he is the white wolf, the King in the North.

It was such a beautiful moment when leaders rose up with their swords to praise Jon snow and  ordain him King of the North. he did not ask for it but he is always being crowned leader, first as night watch commander, then King of the North.

2) Cersei gives little finger a Master class in power 

He subtly threatened to blackmail her, he knew about her relationship with twin brother Jamie, She did not find it funny and let him know the cersei way

3) Dany burns Dothraki Khals alive:

The Dothraki(s)  captured a woman they thought was fair game, deliberated on weather to rape her, sell her or dumb her in a widows home since she was initially married to a Dothraki Khal. But A Dany who had other important agendas like ruling the seven kingdoms burnt them alive and took over their people #coup

4) Arya Stark versus Brienne of Tarth fight

5) Cersei burns down the Sept of Baelor

She killed all members of the high sparrow, wiped out the entire house of Tyrell and thousands that came to watch her trial. #ruthless

6) Tyrion Lannister trial speech

7) Dany and her dragon Drogo literally roast the lannisters

8) Little finger’s trial and death

9) Dany Kills the slave masters

10) Dany and Jon snow finally hook up/ Jon snow is Aegon Thageryean


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