Why Naija music has a brand new sound- (Also check out Tiwa’s new music video)

This year many of our global superstars are casting a wide net to appeal to their new audiences accross the world. In 2019 many signed new deals with Sony, Universal Music and other international labels, they have also gained new fans world over.

As they make new music, it seems they have a challenge with creating a balancing act- Their music sounds more “African” than Nigerian Afro-beats.

With their music streaming on apple , spotify and accross a new global audience, they seems to want to take everyone along. the pidgin English is diluted, the Yoruba has reduced or is almost absent

Below is Tiwa’s new single – (dangerous love) It sounds very African, but not Afro beat, Very spiritual vibes, very memorable.

You can see this is a very different vibe from “Girlie O”, Malo and “Allover” Tiwa, the one that makes very Naija music with pigin English and Yoruba .This new single has a very classical undertone especially with the Chorus- “JAREEE”

Besides reaching out to a global audience, there is a type of African music that wins a Grammy- its the “Angelique Kidgo type vibes“. It infuses strong choir, with African language and English

She has won six grammies starting from “Agolo” in 1995 – she won Grammies when there was no African category, but the music was so good, they had to create something for her.

As Nigerian musician eyes the Grammy plaque and other international awards They are not just killing the beats, they are keeping it soulful, African and classical

Thats what Davido attempted to achieve in his previous album, which did not do so well in Nigeria (compared to previous)

Thats probably what Burna Boy was trying to achieve with his single –“Wonderful”

Though I sort of think he over did the African costume a bit- Abi which African tribe they wear these ones -Abi na Yoruba (LOL)

The African Vibes is selling globally and all our celebrities are cashing in- with sounds, drums, a background choir or like Yemi Alade, super strong costumes.

How ever they choose to Navigate their new found global market, they must “kill the beat” like “Bolanle and Betty Butter” or else new players would take over the Nigerian music scene, just like Zlatan did in 2019.

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