Why Messi was not nominated for Fifa’s player of the year- First time in 12 years


A soccer Tsunami is on-going and millions across the world has been hit- Barcelona Fans, Twitter pundits, Messi Fans, Football Lovers- How dare Fifa leave Messi out of the top three.

Some have suggested that Mo‘Salah should win next rated while Messi takes his place. It’s also been said that Messi has normalized genius, so he is not appreciated anymore

Fifa’s player of the year is considered over a period of one year from July 2017 to July 2018; and Messi, who recently became the first player to reach 150 assists in La Liga only made it to the top 10  alongside fellow snubbed nominees, Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Kylian Mbappe, Raphael Varane, Antoine Greizmann

Messi has always made the top three since 2007

In fact, he has never not finished in the top two, winning the award in its various guises five times and missing out on it on six occasions — once to Kaka and five times to arch-rival Ronaldo.

Why Messi was not nominated: July 2017/ July 2018

The champion’s league is a big decider;

Most players who won the champions league had a big shot at winning the Fifa’s player of the year award.
Lionel Messi won Fifa’s player of the year award for the first time in 2009 when Barcelona won the Champions league (same thing happened in 2011 & 2015). He won the player of the year after successfully leading his team to victory at the Champion’s league

His Arch- Rival Christiana Ronaldo also won Fifa’s player of the year award at about the same time his team won the champions league – 2014, 2016 & 2017 real Madrid won the champions league with Christina Ronaldo playing key roles.

This year’s finalists? Madrid’s Modric, Juve’s Ronaldo (who was Madrid’s Ronaldo until recently) and Liverpool’s Salah all featured in the European Cup final earlier this summer.

International and domestic leagues don’t count so much
The Olympics and other international  and local leagues like world cup does not count so much as Fifa nominates their player of the year; That explains why the French team were absent from the list in-spite  of the fact they won the world cup.

La Liga is a domestic league and as such his efforts won’t be enough for recognition. Last season, he scored (30) and with  (12)  assists, more goals than anyone else in the history of  La Liga propelling Barcelona to a league and cup double, their third in four years. He also won the European Golden Shoe for a second successive season, irrespective, he was missed out from the nominations.

In spite of Messi great performance, he did not play in the champion’s league finals
Messi is the face of Barca’s three consecutive Champions League quarterfinal exits, regardless of whether or not that blame is justified.

Messi’s performance this 2019 season has been brilliant, no other player is capable of a performance like that. He has normalized genius.”

That’s the problem. Messi is so consistently good that people have seemingly become immune to his brilliance. They need him to go even further above and beyond what he has already done and they need him to do it in every game, not just nine out of 10 games. They need him to do it in the Champions League final every year. They need him to do it in a dysfunctional Argentina team and lift the World Cup.

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