Why does Catalonia want to leave Spain

Catalans always felt different from Spain…history explains why

In 1150, the marriage of Petronila, Queen of Aragon and Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona formed a dynasty leaving their son to inherit all territories concerning the region of Aragon and Catalonia.

Fast forward thousands of years later, Catalonia is still somewhat different from the rest of Spain. They speak their own language (Catalan) have their own flag and sing their own anthem.

They are an autonomous province within Spain with their own regional government which has considerable powers over healthcare, education and tax collection.

They are the rich…. and want to spend their money alone

The Catalan region  pays tax to Spain. the area boast 20% of the Spanish wealth and much of the country’s manufacturing and finance sectors. It’s basically like the Lagos of Spain.

As commercial center it’s the home of FC Barcelona, the best sights and sounds, number one tourist destination. They account for most of their country’s exports

But Catalonia has long complained that its revenues subsidize other parts of Spain struggling with fiscal crisis hence the need to secede

Manchester City (and former Barcelona) manager Pep Guardiola has also joined the pro-independence campaign, showing his support for Catalonia at separatist demonstrations

FC Barcelona has also twitted its support for Catalan separatist

Right now, there is a risk of an all-out Civil war breaking out in Spain because the Catalan government is about to declare its independence, and the Spanish government is calling it illegal and unconstitutional.

Either side is yet to come to the negotiating table.

Am sure IPOB groups are seriously taking notes.

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