What is Kawasaki Disease and how is it linked to Covid-19

The world is not getting a break- Not one bit.

First Coronavirus, then fake contaminated test kits, Suggested forced Vaccines in Africa, Killer bugs in America, and now children across the west are suffering a rare inflammatory condition and toxic shock syndrome

Kawasaki disease linked to covid19 is attacking children across America, London, Italy and France.

The Kawasaki disease is reportedly fatal- three children recently died in America’s New York City

What is Kawasaki disease?

According to Mayo Clinic, Kawasaki disease causes swelling in medium sized arteries throughout the body. The inflammation tends to affect the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle.

Symptoms include a high fever, peeling skin, extremely red eyes, rash on the body and genital area. Red dry lips and swollen tongue, swelling in hands, feet and across the body

If the initial symptoms are left untreated it can migrate into Peeling of the skin on the hands and feet, especially the tips of the fingers and toes, Diarrhea, Vomiting and Abdominal pain

What’s the relationship between Kawasaki and COVID-19?

The general thought is this is a post-infectious trigger causing the immune system to hyper-react.” Infections of any kind can cause inflammation in the body. So it’s possible that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is kick-starting Kawasaki-like inflammatory responses in small numbers of children

peadiatric expert  Dr. Roshni Mathew

The disease is occurring rapidly across the West

New york hospitals reported 73 cases of children getting severely ill with toxic shock-like syndrome -As at Friday May 10th

During a 10-day period in April, doctors near London reported “an unprecedented cluster” of 8 children with hyper inflammatory shock & features of Kawasaki. These cases led to a national alert.

All eight were previously healthy. Four had known family exposure to COVID. Symptoms were similar: fever, rash, conjunctivitis, peripheral edema, extremity pain, and GI symptoms without significant respiratory symptoms. the kids tested Negative for COVID-19, but Positive for antibodies meaning they have recovered

Male kids especially boys in Japanese pacific region are mostly at risk of the disease but fortunately the disease can easily be treated.

There has been no known reports in Africa (at the time of writing)- but its important to get all the information we can. X


The Lancelot study, link below for more details


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