Wendy William’s tea runneth over – Her Husband’s mistress gave birth and she is paying all the bills

I am really rooting for Wendy to clean up her act and dump that husband of hers-Prayers only, But today we going to say it as it is

Wendy William’s Husband’s mistress Sharina Hudson has allegedly given birth to a baby girl last week (congratulations Wendy, you are now a Step mother.)

Wendy Williams reportedly lost it when she heard the news,  she  disappeared from her studio and was no where to be found leaving everyone worried, her team found her in a really sad state, drunk  and on drugs- they had to rush her to the hospital, give her IV fluids and sober her up.

Its ironic aint it, Wendy Williams makes her coins by seating on her purple chair to laugh at other people’s misfortune. She laughs at their drugs problems, broken relationships and  failed projects.

Clap if you have seen that album…( Lady Gaga failed album)

Clap if you think Justin Bieber would go back to Selena Gomez.

Clap if you think this marriage would never happen ( Bow Wow and Erica Mena)

She said Beyonce can’t sing, She needs auto-tune to make her voice sound good 
She called Rihanna a drive by girl when she got with Drake
Claimed Kim Kardashian is unhappy in her marriage with Kanye West and definitely regretted marrying him.
Suggested  said Hailey Baldwin is with Justin Bieber for money

WENDY…..Now you are tea, you are busy fainting everywhere 

In 2017, Daily Mail UK who has been investigating the story for over three years, broke the story that Wendy Williams Husband had a 12 year long affair with his side-chick Sharina Hudson and moved her into a Mega Mansion close to the family home he shares with his wife

Its Claimed Sharina Hudson is a kept woman who has tried her hands on a slew of businesses which all failed so her upkeep is fully financed with Wendy’s money

In Dec of 2018 a blogger LoveBScott was the first to break the news that the Alleged Mistress could be pregnant.

At that time Wendy Williams was medicating and acting irrational. She however denied the rumors sending a cease and desist letter to the blogger.

Coincidentally, after the scandal broke out Wendy showed up to work with a fractured shoulder. Rumors had it that  She confronted her husband over the pregnancy rumors and they got into a fight.  she heard the story like the rest of us:  through LoveB Scott

Everything has gone downhill for Wendy Since the revelation that her husband mistress is pregnant

She went on a long Hiatus from her show though she claimed it was her battle with Graves disease. Then she allegedly relapsed back into hard drugs and announced to her studio audience she is living in a sober house.

According to daily mail Wendy Williams’ cheating husband has told his decade-long mistress he can’t leave his wife of 22 years because she paid all the bills.

But guys can u imagine that the dude was cheating on Wendy Williams for 12 solid years even before President Obama became president, am so sure she knew about it, but she was busy bashing everyone else- on her purple chair .

Haters are truly sad people who dont have any good going on in their own life

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