We attempted to summarize #Nigeriadecides2019…..it was very ugly!

Anarchy! … A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

In multiple locations, vehicles

conveying voting materials were attacked and burnt ,  INEC adhoc staffs were shot, some were wounded 

INEC office was burnt in Osun State 2 days ago

INEC office was burnt down in IMO state as result collection was going on

Anarchy is a police man  watching the destruction of Ballot boxes, burning of people’s votes and can do nothing about it

To act with Impunity means there is no fear of punishment

INEC returning officer in IMO state Professor Ibeabuchi  was allegedly held hostage and given 1 hour to declare Rochas Okorocha the winner in the senatorial elections or lose his life. #impunity.

Bullion vans were seen entering the compound of APC national leader Tinubu on the day of the election, in any other civilized country, it calls for an investigation- but in Nigeria: here is his reply-

In a flash of raw anger,  Nigerians in a pack or group strikes out  and deliver jungle justice

Demola, allegedly a leader of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), had escaped with his motorcycle after leading some hoodlums to snatch ballot boxes in Okota, he was apprehended and almost stoned to death. his was motorcycle was burnt. He was finally rescued.


A police deputy commisioner on Bayelsa was mobbed for allegedly stealing votes


The burning of ballot papers and attack on igbo populated areas of lagos like Okota and Ago ignited bitter racial divide and rhetoric among igbo/yorubas living in Lagos

On a separate note, Not everyone is taking it quite well that the Northern part of Nigeria can deliver the numbers in terms of population. Because the Northerns voted overwhelming for Buhari they were insulted by southerners and called all sorts of names….well, Northerns responded to these insults with the hashtag #iamnorth


 From  #Nigeria-decides to #INECdecides; As results announcements came in two days later, Nigerians wondered where and how the electoral body manufactured their figures.  Inspite of all the discrepancies, ballot box snatching, violence, burnt votes- INEC played blind. They did not call for revotes or recount, they issued no statements and did not address the violence and daylight robbery

Through the chaos…Nigerians would always find humor in something…

The organized voters in VGC, a high brow area in Lagos led some Nigerians to curse poverty

Still on humor through the chaos- Waiting for the  Kardshians one twitter user said as Nigerians awaited the votes in Kaduna, Kano , kastina….

The numbers from the north are always a deal breaker.

The true heroes of the day, are those who defied the odds to get involved, to go out and vote or get counted as an INEC rep.

In Enugu State, this lady said no to voter suppresion by showing up with foodflask, her mat and drinking water

Its those votes that did not always go in their favor that caused politicians to act really desperate…

RIP to many unnamed people who lost their lives…

INEC staff killed in portharcourt

Policeman killed while escorting ballot boxes in Ogun State

Daniel Usuman a student of Kogi State Univeristy was killled by political thugs anyigba Kogi State

So if someone says #Nextlevel decided. Or congratulations Buhari. Tell them it was one of the bloodiest and most divisive elections in Nigeria’s history. #Goodluckjonathan

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