TThe Abdulrasheed Mania recruitment scandal; 10 questions Nigerians want answers to

The story:

In 2013… 469 billion pension cash was mismanaged by pension reform boss Abdulrasheed Maina. When the situation escalated he was invited by the senate and EFCC to answer questions on the misappropriated funds. He finally fled the country in mysterious circumstances alleging that someone was after his life. According to news reports he escaped into Saudi Arabia. Two years later in 2015, he was declared wanted by EFCC.

Fast-forward into 2017…Premium times reported that the attorney general of the Federation Abubakar Salami and Minister for interior collaborated to reinstate Fugitive Abdulrasheed Mania  into the civil service. Social media got wind of the news and it became a scandal. So far he has been fired by President Buhari, he is presently on the run as EfCC is after him & investigations into how he was reinstated has been handed over to president

 Questions Nigerians want answers to

  1. EFCC, please can you tell us how a fugitive on your watch list came back into the country and got so comfortable to lobby for positions within the civil service?
  2. Show me your friends and I would tell you who you are, if Abubakar Malami is friends with the ex-pension boss is it safe to say the country’s chief prosecutor is corrupt?
  3. Pray tell Mr. Malami, are corruption cases you prosecute politically motivated? Like the rest of Nigerians you must have heard of the 100 billion pension fraud. Why did you fail to prosecute your friend in the same way you went after other high profile cases example Senate President Saraki on false declaration of assets
  4. PDP Government, Why are you crying foul? Was it not under your administration that Abdulrasheed Maina was able to loot pension funds and escape to Saudi Arabia?
  5. PDP wailers, 2years before hand over to president Buhari, what were the efforts made to arrest Mania for fraud and return the stolen money. Who was the case files handed over to?
  6. President Sir, Seems like you are always late for your own party. How come you have no clue what is going on in your administration. Until social media points it out?
  7. Under your watch your team is recruiting and promoting criminals, hospital funds are being looted, are you losing the fight against corruption?
  8. You asked for an investigative report into the reinstatement of Mania, does it mean you cannot call three people into a room and demand to know exactly happened?
  9. Is the report a way to wait for the story to die out until Nigerians get occupied with the next Champions league games?
  10. President, Nigerians, opposition and civil societies have rightly called for the AGF and Minister for interior to be fired. Are you planning to shield them?

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