Trump reacts to world leaders laughing at him(videos)

So some of the most powerful countries in the world came together for NATO security summit, then some pesky camera caught world leaders gossiping like some mean girls.

A video of Macron, Trudeau and British PM Boris Johnson gossiping about someone that was apparently Trump went Viral- (watch video below)

President Trump in his usual expressive and unhinged manner threw a little tantrum by abruptly cancelling a planned news conference on the sidelines of the NATO meeting on Wednesday,

But before he left he registered his displeasure when asked about the video during a press conference- He called Canada’s Trudeau 2 faced

But the drama did not end there- democratic presidential Candidate Joe Biden has cut a campaign ad with the viral video- watch below

Personally, I have had a change of heart when it comes to US President Trump on many issues. NATO member countries all agreed to pay 2% of their GDP to defense, but many dont, they always expect America to cover for them (America has the strongest GDP among NATO member countries) .

Trump is representing America very well when he insists that all member countries pay their fair share

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