Tristan Thompson caught pants down cheating on Khloe Kardashian – Everything you need to know about the scandal

Paparazzi(s) are home wreckers though, damn. So Tristan Thompson decided to go hang out with the boys and have him some good time. (Beer, sex and women) and he was caught pants down on camera.

Tristan Thompson is Khloe Kardashians boyfriend and in a few days, they are expecting their baby girl. May be he decided to sow some wild oats before heading to the labour room who knows? His cheating rumours has broken the internet, so grab some tea we would break it down.

Shady movement with mystery woman caught on Camera.
TMZ caught the first shot: The first video revealed Tristan and a pretty brunette walking into a luxury four seasons hotel in New York, this was on Saturday. Four hours later, they came out from the hotel and headed out for a good time in the city of lights. Then at 5 a.m. on Sunday they returned to his hotel, where witnesses said he was seen “looking around cautiously…and holding the door for her,” before they entered the lobby, heading to the elevator together.

Then at around 8 p.m. the next night, Monday, the model was spotted leaving Thompson’s hotel in the exact same outfit clutching a stuffed Louis Vuitton overnight bag.

While he was out with the mystery woman on Saturday night, another gossip site daily mail captured his activity in the club

Clearly it was time up for Tristan, another gossip site the Daily mail revealed what happened inside the night club on Saturday.  Thompson was canoodling with the brunette as they also partied at NYC rooftop hotspot PH-D on Saturday, before they headed to Soho House. A. The woman, who had long, straight, brown hair and bright red nails, can be seen in the video draping her arm around the ballplayer’s shoulder.

The pair were filmed chatting intensely before the woman leaned her head into the hood of Thompson’s sweatshirt. As she leans in closer, eyes closed, it appears that the couple share a kiss.

Other videos from the night show Thompson chatting with friends and dancing to music at PH-D’s Sunset Saturday’s event. The woman who captured the footage said: “I was there and he was on the table right next to us with a group of friends and some girl who he was obviously making out with all night.

Who is the mystery woman

Her name is Lani Blair an Instagram model from the Bronx

Blair has more than 360,000 followers on Instagram, and regularly posts pictures of herself in revealing outfits. Interestingly, she very recently turned her account to private

According to various modelling profile sites online, she is 28 years old, as she was allegedly born on June 6, 1989. Lani works at a strip club, though we are not clear whether she works there as a Bartender or a stripper

Amber rose showed some support to Khloe Kardashian with a tweet:

Twitter users have showed mixed reactions;

Some have called it Karma: you lose him how you get him. Khloe started dating Tristan Thompson while his then girlfriend was heavily pregnant.

Others have showed support for Khloe Kardashian asking her to be strong

The rest is waiting to see how Kris Jenner would spin this story for their reality TV

His ex remains classy about the situation

Tristan Thompson also left his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig for Khloe when she was pregnant. She is a lifestyle blogger with the handle alleyesonjordyc. No one heard anything from her after her breakup from Tristan.

Her comments, posts and diary messages reveal a lady that comports herself exceptionally. She posted a cryptic post to her Instagram feed which has since been deleted. It’s not clear if it’s a message for Khloe. Hundreds of messages have flooded her Instagram page since the incident.

By the way there was another video of Tristan with three women, they were doing all sorts of wrong things to him and he was enjoying it…My guess is a threesome followed afterwards. This particular video was discovered in October last year, when Khloe was about three months pregnant. But TMZ though it would be a nice idea to share the video when Khloe is about to give birth… Evil

Any way, we close this post with a beautiful letter Tristan Thompson penned to Khloe when they announced they were having a baby via instagram

So sad, i was sure this would be Khloe’s happy ending

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