Tosyn Bucknor: All her big dreams and next steps that died with her

The term Jack of all trades master of none personally offended me so much it made me throw tantrums.  You are meant to as an individual use every single talent within you. It’s called having it all and there is always a debate about whether it’s possible to have it all- Tosyn Bucknor Ted Talks (2012)

Famously known as the Area Mama at Top FM and the voice of Nigeria at inspiration  92.3FM, Its clear Tosyn Bucknor was a Mavin as a radio show host and VJ, but she was far from done.

She did attempt to do multiple things.


She performs under the stage name  “Contradiction”. In 2013 she released her a debut singles “Fimisile” and “places to go”. 

Her songs did not do so well but she still kept her music dream alive. In June 2016, she featured as a guest on Ebony Life “The spot” she mentioned she was doing a music collaboration  featuring multiple artists, as it stands today, she has a couple of unreleased music in the works

She also dabbled into TV doing a few brief appearances here and there-

She was a trainer on project fame West Africa (season 5)  and had a brief stint at the hit show Tinsel.
As  content writer, she did quite a bit- she scripted a few pieces for Apprentice Africa, she was a columnist for the Guardian, wedding planner, Exquisite magazine. Amstel Malta box office and Gulder Ultimate search

But most importantly she had hoped her YouTube Channel would leap frog her ascent into TV- as she mentioned on Ebony life’s  “The Spot”

She had multiple programs and chit chats on Youtube that were full of vivacity and her typical boisterous nature-  some pf her programme line up on Youtube –  “And then there was Friday”  “Tosyn’s positive vibrations”  “Behind the scenes of her radio shows”

But in all of these endeavors its clear her career with a radio station was where she was winning, strongly.

The truth is you can have it all, but not at the same time, it’s all about prioritizing….Tosyn Bucknor Ted Talks 2012

When her French husband Aurelien Boyer found her dead in their apartment from sickle cell complications,  Its clear she  died with so much inside of her, so many dreams still to reach for, so much more Tosyn Bucknor Nigeria was yet to see,  simply cut short because well #life

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