Toke Makinwa, men & WhatsApp calls; how the controversy would make her richer.

In case you have not heard, Toke Makinwa Nigeria TV host, Vlogger and on air personality is right in the middle of another controversy.

She trended all day on twitter; and no it’s not about her best-selling book,  estranged husband Maje Ayida or his baby Mama; it’s a  relationship advice from her vlog that is raging the storm.

Toke owns a YouTube channel where she dishes on men, relationships or simple girl chat.

But many Nigerians believe she has lost the right to dish relationship advice following her failed marriage.


Toke’s controversial story;

Well, she posted a vlog with the title ( weird much). click to view here 

In the post, she basically outlined things guys do that make her cringe. Some of her examples included:

Guys who are twitter trolls always bashing celebrities or getting into fights

Guys who update their pictures very often

Men who are Constantly taking selfies ( i agree gay much)

Guys  who make Whatsapp calls to their babes.

According to her, she feels a certain type of way when a guy WhatsApp calls her.Does it mean that he cannot spend his money to actually make a phone call?

The backlash;

Well, this post which was about a week old suddenly picked up momentum and started trending on twitter’

Men and women really came for toke with memes and insults.

See some of the feedback below ;



















The Money angle; 

The higher the page views of a YouTube video, the more money the vlogger makes.

This money comes from the various formats of adverts YouTube places on a video

Google estimates that about 15% of viewers would actually watch these ads without skipping.

These views are where the money comes from.


How toke would be richer for this

Toke trended on twitter as people gave their two cents about her opinion

The video was shared multiple times on twitter which meant more views

Famous bloggers like Linda Ikeji Blog and Y Naija also shared the story.

That means a lot  more page views and link clicks

But it did not stop there.

Another story on her blog started trending; it was titled    “Staywoke “

That means Nigerians were actually rummaging her blog for stories, clicking, viewing and making money for Toke makinwa

I guess this supports the notion that all press is good press.

What do you think guys, do make your comments down below

Peace sign.


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