Tiwa Savage’s “49-99” versus Yemi Alade’s “home”- A head to head match-up (+ whose career is winning right now)

I know many people would start throwing feminist quotes at me like “real queens fix each other’s crowns”, “The sky is big enough for many stars”– I hear you!

But who asked them to release music at about the same time, ( just one week apart) when bad fans like us like to pit them against each other- next time they should sit down together and schedule their music releases to avoid a clash

But for now, Yemi’s “home” and Tiwa’s 49-99 was released just one week apart from each other- who is winning?

Lets start by looking at the numbers – (figures dont lie)

Numbers on Tiwa Savage’s 49-99

Almost 2 weeks ago on September 5th Tiwa Savage released her first single with Mo-town records (under the UMG umbrella)- 49-99.

Armed with some juicy budget and Tiwa’s affinity to work very hard, she pulled out all the stops to promote the single. 49-99 featured in major billboards across the world: Third mainland bridge, Newyork Times Square, California West Side and even BRT buses in Lagos. She is also set to promote the music through a free concert at Obalende, Lagos.


While we cannot confirm how much the track (49-99) has been streamed on music platforms like Apple and spotify- at the time of writing she stands at almost 2 million YouTube views.

Numbers on Yemi Alade’s Home

Yemi Alade is still signed with Effizzi music which stood by her during the days of hustle before her hit single “Johnny”she recently released a new album (woman of steel) on the 30th of August, along with a promotional single “Home

Her record Label Effizi Music does not have the budget nor the clout to promote her music internationally, so unlike Tiwa, yemi Alade has promoted her music locally- Sound City, Channels news, Ndani TV , Trace Local radio stations and all. she has also encouraged more followers to view her album inspiring them with give aways.

 Despite the skeptism from Nigerian audience not too keen on Yemi Alade,  She broke a record of 1.1 million streams on Spotify alone in just one week of her album release- big thanks to her global audience in Paris, Kenya and other East  African countries. Her hit single Home presently enjoys almost 900,000 views on YouTube -( At the time of this publication)               

So who is winning in the numbers game right now,

Tiwa is leading on YouTube with over 1 million views in a shorter time, while Yemi Alade is winning on the steaming platforms boasting over 1.1million views on spotify in just the first week of her album release, so it seems like a tie.

The Video-, concept and story

Yemi Alade ‘s Home is set to the natural village scene, of an unexposed village girl (mgbeke) and her love interest. The dance by the sea shore and fisherman’s boat is picturesque and convincing – they danced with reckless abandon like they were truly home. The entire video can best be described as heart warming.

Tiwa Savage’s video can best be described as internationally local.

The video depicts Africa but in a different way from Yemi- With her native hairstyle and school girl outfits, she brings in African culture, but the videos also embeds shocking scenes – sultry outfits, A fierce look with a monkey, the stripper dance on a table with old men she poisoned

Even though the video is beautiful to watch, the real message of 49-99 which is supposed to be about inequality and poverty was lost.

Which video concept is winning- home or 49-99

Its very difficult to tell, It depends on who is watching because they are very different concepts produced really well- Tiwa’s video is shocking, its African, its interesting to watch, Yemi’s video on the other hand is sweet and charming

Melody & Rhythm.

Tiwa’s Melody for 49-99 is just OK, you have to be really into that type of music or probably have listened to it several times to flow. I mean Prefer some of her previous singles – kelekele love, SugarCane, Mr Lova Lova. just imagine she promoted Mr Lova Lova with the same energy she is promoting her recent single- it would have been a global success.

Yemi Alade’s Rhythm & Melody for Home sucks you in from the very first beat- She sustains the momentum through out the song. Those local drums with alternating tempos kissed by her voice definitely wants you dancing except its not your kind of music.

This is the only occasion I can call out a clear winner, I would listen to Home on repeat but i can actually skip through 49-99 -(my opinion though)

On their careers generally speaking

Tiwa savage seems to have a slight edge right now with her international records deals and budget. From runways with Naomi campbell to parties with Diddy and international radio stations playing her music, she seems to be in a good place.

But Yemi has an advantage- A much higher following on YouTube- and loyal fans across Swahili speaking African countries. She also has a large following in France and Germany.

Yemi Alade has a very solid album and even though we are presently sleeping on it, the buzz would grow as she starts making more music videos. She also recently signed a music licensing deal with UMG

In conclusion, its really hard to declare a clear winner, Tiwa may have an edge at the moment- but the scales between them keep titling. They are both hardworking queens!

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